MNG Airlines, which was established 25 years ago, holds a significant share of the air cargo market in Turkey with its net capacity of 465 tons. MNG Airlines, which expanded its previous flight network in 2021, grew its fleet and carried 20% more cargo than the previous year, will invest in digital transformation in 2022.

MNG Airlines, which was established in 1996 with 100% Turkish capital, first started to serve with scheduled cargo flights to Germany and England with the medium-range Airbus A300. Today MNG Airlines continues its operations with a fleet of four Airbus A300-600Fs, one A330-200F and two A330-300 aircraft, which it recently added to its fleet, MNG Airlines holds a significant share of the air cargo market in Turkey with its net capacity of 465 tons. In addition to its scheduled flights, it continues to grow with charter flights that offer customers the type of aircraft and capacity they desire.

Stating that they consider every request as a project with their solution-oriented approach and present project-specific solutions, MNG Airlines General Manager Sedat Özkazanç said; “As MNG Airlines, we increase our carrying capacity on a “kg” basis every year. In 2021, we transported approximately 240,000 tons of cargo and reached 22 thousand flight hours. I believe this number will increase every year with the expansion of our flight network and new aircrafts joining our fleet. If we compare with 2020, we see that we carry about 20% more cargo. This motivates us to make our achievements sustainable. With 25 years of industry experience, our team working in harmony and the growth momentum we have achieved, we are always working to take our country and the industry forward.”

Our services make the difference

Continuing its operations with its flexible and solution-oriented services during the pandemic period, MNG Airlines; By adding wide-bodied aircraft to its fleet, it aims to highlight Turkey in the air cargo market and expand its service network and diversity with its experience. Özkazanç shared that with their 25 years of experience, they have also moved our country forward in the air cargo sector; “The year 2021 has been a successful year in which we increased our fleet, expanded our flight network and grew as a team. We make a difference in solution partnership by offering warehousing services thanks to our experienced team and special cargo expertise such as valuable goods, dangerous goods, livestock transportation and pharma logistics. In order to make these achievements sustainable, we will prioritize digital transformation in 2022. With this transformation, we will determine the way we work in the future, digitalize and invest in innovation in all operational processes.”