• New brand Craft reflects significant development of ‘experiential’ services.
  • Craft exemplifies growth of small business in Saudi Arabia.
  • Craft is a partner of KSA’s successful Al Gihaz Holding group
Orazio Moretti, CEO, Craft, Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, KSA: Modelcraft, a leading experiential event, museum and exhibition design company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), today announced a rebrand to Craft unveiling its new logo, website and vision that solidifies the company’s stance as a major player of innovative, market leading experiential solutions.  

Established in Australia in 1989, Craft moved its operations to Saudi Arabia in 2008 to serve local and international clients. Establishing itself as a major presence in the fast growing and highly demanding experiential Saudi Arabian market, Craft has achieved an enviable reputation by delivering several high-profile permanent and temporary projects including the design and build of JAX01, the Riyadh Metro Visitor Centre, the 2019 King Fahad Exhibition and Digital City permanent high-tech lighting display. 

Since their establishment in the Kingdom over a decade ago, Craft has strongly prided itself on delivering premium services and being the vanguard of creative solutions for its clients no matter the project scale. Craft’s rapid expansion across all areas of experiential development has led to the company’s rebranding to reflect that growth.

Orazio Moretti, CEO / Craft, Saudi Arabia said: “Today we’re taking the opportunity to evolve our brand in order to better communicate the breadth of expertise that Craft truly represents and realign with our refined value proposition and vision.

This strategic rebrand represents a significant transformation in the company’s evolution. Our expertise goes far beyond our original design and modelmaking roots – we are in the experience industry, bringing to life entertainment, corporate and government initiatives.  Our brand ethos has always been built on trust, credibility and delivering innovative solutions exceeding our clients’ expectations, put simply, we go beyond the imaginable to craft unforgettable experiences”. 

Moretti added: “We are delighted to be a small business success story in Saudi Arabia, growing in size, revenue and in the specialist fields of expertise we offer. As part of our commitment to community-based knowledge transfer, we employ and train many talented young Saudi men and women across all divisions of the team and we look forward to bringing more local talent on board to be part of our vision”. 

Craft’s commitment to local training guarantees a legacy of premium delivery of service through a highly skilled team that can adapt in line with industry standards and today’s ever-changing environment. The company’s full-service capabilities cover digital, museums, events, galleries, models, exhibitions, design, and interactive experiences. This service portfolio continues to expand with several new projects in the pipeline.

Craft’s new name, coupled with the new website which has also been unveiled today, will raise the profile of the company’s extensive projects and expertise both locally and internationally. 


Modelcraft was launched in Sydney, Australia in 1989 as a specialist architectural model making business. The company expanded into the United Arab Emirates in 2007 and moved their headquarters to Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2008 where they quickly established a reputation for delivering high-quality experiential projects.  In 2008 Modelcraft partnered with Saudi Arabia’s Al Gihaz Holdings. Modelcraft rebranded to Craft in March 2021 to better reflect the various technical services it provides. Craft’s expertise spans both technical and artistic requirements from project planning, design, procurement, fabrication, and implementation. For more information about Craft and their key projects go to