Mohammed bin Rashid Knowledge Foundation’s role in fostering youth participation to steer the UAE’s knowledge sectors


Since its inception, the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) has promoted youth development and participation in the UAE’s knowledge and education sectors. The MBRF has been striving to ensure a promising future for the youth on local, regional, and global levels, as they play a major role in driving knowledge-based societies and their comprehensive and sustainable development based on education and knowledge.

In a bid to enhance the quality of education, the MBRF has actively emphasized the key role that youth play in the advancement of the education and knowledge industries. To accomplish this, the MBRF nurtures these two sectors and encourages youth participation in the creation and implementation of innovative knowledge strategies. It aims to open the doors of creativity and innovation for young people, allowing them to realize their full potential and contribute to the nation’s sustainable development journey.

The MBRF’s main focus is to empower Emirati youth by offering them educational and training opportunities that help them identify and develop their abilities and social skills. It recognizes youth as a source of novel ideas and innovations, owing to their creative thoughts and ambitious goals to seek solutions to emerging challenges. The UAE’s confidence in youth is reflected in the National Youth Agenda’s directions and goals, as well as the country’s endeavors to attract talents and enhance their expertise and skills. 

With its quality initiatives like the Knowledge Summit and the Youth Knowledge Forum, which inspire and motivate youth to pursue their goals, the MBRF aspires to uplift the younger generation with quality knowledge and the resources required for knowledge development. Additionally, the MBRF fosters youth participation in steering the shift toward knowledge-based societies and economies, which is evident in its leading projects, programs, and initiatives. For instance, the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Award aims to support those who are interested and working in the field of knowledge, inspire them to formulate innovative means of transferring knowledge, and recognize the achievements and success stories that have made an impact on the regional and global landscape of knowledge. The ‘KnowTalks’ session also targets youth and aims to shed light on different ways to shape their skills and provide them with knowledge and solutions that ensure sustainable development. 

The MBRF focuses on launching strategic initiatives that facilitate youth participation in establishing and developing knowledge strategies, which, in turn, contribute to economic and social progress. It will continue to promote the participation of the youth as an essential factor in determining the future of knowledge and education in the UAE, thereby helping them overcome challenges and develop the skills required to lead in the modern world.