Mohammed bin Zayed: Leader as the UAE Heads into Next 50 Years


On the foundation of an impressive legacy and a vast number of achievements, the UAE is moving towards its first centenary at pace. In just fifty years, the country has reached an impressive position on the global stage, ranking as a world first in 152 development and economic indicators as it celebrated its first golden jubilee.

Today, as His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed – may God protect him – takes the lead as President of the UAE, aspirations rise and the ceiling of ambition lifts. With the inspiration of the preceding fifty years and the commendable efforts of his predecessor as a springboard, achievements and progress will surely be matched and exceeded in the fifty years to come.

Unlimited optimism for the future stems from the deep-rooted trust that is firmly established between the people of the Emirates and their leadership, with the UAE ranking as a world leader in terms of its population’s confidence in their government.

The UAE is also a magnet for talent, with the country drawing people in their hundreds of thousands to live and work in the seven Emirates. Its buoyant economy – the most attractive economy in the region for foreign investment – supports this magnetism, along with its sovereign rating, which is also the highest in the region. The UAE features as one of the top countries on the World Bank’s index of financial inclusion and financial services coverage, and first in the world in the growth of exports of commercial services. It leads the region in the rule of law and transparency indicators, and was recognised on the international stage as the world’s most adaptive country from an economic and health perspective during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to the formidable local and international reputation enjoyed by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, all eyes are on the UAE as it looks towards the next fifty years. Known as an inspiration, Sheikh Mohamed is a proactive leader with a forward-looking vision for the future; a vision based on placing his people firmly at the heart of his country’s development.

As the country develops, so does its solid framework of openness, tolerance, protection of rights, justice, rule of law, respect for culture and national identity, and human connection and solidarity. Its knowledge-based economy – based on diversity, creativity and innovation – provides continuous support for an integrated modern infrastructure within a sustainable environment that enhances the UAE’s competitiveness and enables it to play an active role, both regionally and internationally, in future-proofing its industry.

Buoyed by the optimism that prevails in Emirati society, aspirations abound for the country to enter the next phase of its transformational journey towards becoming an international leader with Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed – may God protect him – at the helm. Construction and development continue in alignment with the strategically ambitious vision, plan and goals announced as the country celebrated its first golden jubilee in 2021.

Upon the firm foundation established by the founding fathers of the UAE – may God have mercy on them – the UAE confidently faces a new stage in its phenomenal growth and development. The next fifty years offer opportunity in myriad fields; foremost among them the digital economy, artificial intelligence, innovation, space, the circular economy, health and advanced industries. Such rapid technological development is yielding impressive outputs; bringing about positive change in economic sectors and employment opportunities, and resulting in transformations in the structure of the global economy.

Today, we stand together with the people of the UAE behind the wise leadership of the country, as we honour the promises and covenants of the founding fathers and uphold the values on which the UAE was created. We pledge our support to Sheikh Mohamed and to the UAE in its drive to achieve ambitious goals for the future, and commit to working together for the good of the Emirates, its people and all of humanity.