Montreal International Clinic: How To Cure Back Pain And Joint Pain Without Surgery


Montreal International Clinic offers non-surgical treatment options via PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma therapy) for immediate relief from back and joint pain.

DUBAI, UAE: RNewswire: In a move that is set to revolutionise the treatment of back pain, Montreal International Clinic spoke of its Platelet Rich Plasma therapy as an effective solution to this globally debilitating issue. In fact,  back pain is so widespread, it is estimated that at any given point, a whopping 31 million Americans are suffering from it; additionally, it is listed as one of the top 10 global diseases and injuries. As of late, the condition is seen to be manifesting itself in youth 20-30 years of age mainly, owing to increasingly sedentary lifestyles brought on by the digital age, which is an understandably disturbing trend. Additionally, PRP was also encouragingly found to be instrumental in offering relief from joint pain.

Furthermore, back pain was also found to be the primary cause of limitations in activity and increased work absences. A majority of countries lose millions of work days annually to the problem, which eventually leads to a decline in productivity, output and inevitably revenue and profits. Moreover, the United Kingdom most recently reported that back pain was the leading cause of disability amongst young adults. Even more alarmingly, back pain is also the single principal root cause of disability around the world. The condition is also according to statistics, the second most common reason for seeking medical assistance. Coupled with persistent joint pain, one is left with a very subdued workforce indeed.

In Dubai, the situation is no different. Taking the UAE as a whole, it was revealed that back pain is one of the most rampant spinal conditions around. What is most dangerous about back pain is that in extremely severe cases, it can lead to conditions such as spinal degenerative disease, which directly affects the spinal column. Seeing as this is the control centre of your body aside from your brain, it is not a situation to be taken lightly. However, the majority of people who suffer from back pain often end up trying out treatments of their own accord, particularly if the pain is new such as through yoga, tai chi and pilates to name a few. Whilst these are generally good for your health, without proper medical guidance one could end up worsening the condition. The rest, end up opting for surgery and heavy medications, neither of which guarantee relief, particularly in the long-term.

In light of this, Montreal International Clinic has introduced a ground-breaking treatment option for sufferers of not only back pain but also joint pain, known as Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. For those who prefer other non-invasive, this should come as a welcome respite not just for these types of pains, but all musculoskeletal conditions. It is administered via an injection, with astonishing results. Patients have reported the ability to get back everyday life and activities with minimal and at times, no pain at all afterwards. One of the main characteristics of PRP, is that it makes use of the body’s natural healing process which not only means long-lasting results, but also marginal intrusion. Platelets are a component of human blood, playing a vital role when it comes to healing injuries. Hence, in concentrated amounts it works highly successfully.

Dr. Ashraf who heads the Neuro Spinal Department at Montreal International Clinic stated, ‘Back pain and joint pain are two of the most common conditions in Dubai, much like everywhere else in the world. Around 70% of the population is already suffering from them, and younger generations battle these ailments much earlier on in their lives thanks to video games and computers. Fortunately, we now have a less invasive solution with dependable results through PRP. It is a fantastic solution to curing both back and joint pain, allowing you to even walk out the very same day without any complications. If you would like to have a consultation and speak to us about it, you are most welcome to get in touch.’


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