Mountain Partners-backed Getlaundry expands its industry’s first SaaS-enabled Marketplace


Getlaundry’s two-sided marketplace platform includes an end-to-end Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) laundry business solution and an online marketplace.

Getlaundry SaaS enabled 2-sided marketplace

Getlaundry, a leading mobile laundry solution for consumers and businesses, today announced the expansion of its industry’s first SaaS-enabled marketplace to include a business management solution featuring a top-end POS system with built in CRM functionality – with loads of features to make laundry management easy for laundry owners.

Getlaundry now combines the functionality of an online marketplace, connecting customers with verified laundry partners on-board and a laundry management software solution (SaaS) in which their laundry partners are given a cutting edge platform where they can engage and manage their consumers and businesses.

”When we started our on-demand laundry service back in 2015, we learned a lot from our customers and laundry partners alike,” said Jon Santillan, founding partner of Getlaundry talking about why they pivoted to a marketplace model. “Customers can be extremely selective with choosing vendors to partner with and laundry partners are faced with dilemmas on customer and order management, limited resources and logistics. We’ve incorporated their feedback into this expanded marketplace offering to accommodate needs from both sides for effective service, vendor transparency, full utilization of our partners’ capacities and efficient partner processes.”

This combined business solution empowers laundry businesses of all sizes to gain visibility in the market and accelerate its customer acquisition through its marketplace, and build solid relationships with its existing customers from a single platform removing the need to maintain multiple systems. The CRM-enabled POS system organize and synchronize transactions, customer details and other sales data in real time, available anytime to staff members.

Laundry businesses can now save time and money, while also growing their business by using POS data for enhanced customer communication and delivering the best customer experience possible.

In addition, Getlaundry allows laundry providers, through its SaaS solution to submit proposals placed on the Getlaundry system by business establishments looking for cost effective bids. Small businesses, such as salons or gyms, can avail of this automated bidding process that matches them with the best possible laundry partner at the lowest possible price.

Below is the full feature list of Getlaundry’s SaaS enabled marketplace:

  • Records of all customers and their transactions

  • Automated scheduling of drivers for pick-ups & delivery
  • Order completion tracking
  • Automated Email & SMS feature
  • Daily and monthly orders, deliveries and sales report
  • Full billing and invoicing capabilities with integrated credit card facility & cash payment

More development is still underway and a range of features are expected to be integrated into the system which includes – inventory and capacity management, accounting system, HR and loyalty management.

Currently, there are over 200 laundry provider outlets on the platform including 2 large scale laundries, Aqua Dry Clean in Abu Dhabi and Butlers Laundry in Dubai. Aside from UAE, the team is also working to get more big players on-board in countries where Getlaundry has active operations – Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The platform serves over 9,000 customers.

About Getlaundry:

Getlaundry is a free SaaS enabled marketplace that brings together all the hand-picked premium and economy laundries from your neighborhood in one single platform. It’s available in 4 countries – UAE, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The company can be found on the web at or users can download the mobile application in either Google Play Store (for Android users) or the Apple App Store (for iOS users).