Experts from Amana Healthcare, which introduced the concept of specialized rehabilitation to the region, and Healthpoint will lead the program

Dr. Abdulla Al Rahoomi, a consultant in Sports Medicine as well as Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Mubadala Health’s Amana Healthcare, Healthpoint and Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi will be sharing their expertise at Arab Health’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Conference, to be held as a hybrid physical/digital event at the Dubai World Trade Centre from 21-22 June this year.

Mubadala Health CEO Hasan Jasem Al Nowais says that this knowledge-sharing and collaboration between the three Mubadala Health facilities is a reflection of their collaboration in the real-world care setting, where they cooperate on treating patients who need specialized rehabilitation after strokes, traumatic brain injuries, amputations, accidents, surgeries and other life-changing events.

He explains, “We are committed to offering the complete continuum of world-class care in Abu Dhabi. We believe this coordinated approach and resulting seamless patient journey are hugely beneficial for patients, improving their overall experience and outcomes.”

This is only the second edition of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Conference, and this year it will be chaired by Amana Healthcare’s Dr. Khalid Anwar, a consultant in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and co-chaired by Healthpoint’s Dr. Abdulla Al Rahoomi, a consultant in Sports Medicine as well as Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. In line with new safety and security protocols, guests will be able to attend one day in person and then receive access to the remaining live streaming sessions online.

Conference chair Dr. Anwar says, “The fact that we are holding the second edition of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Conference in the UAE shows how far we have come in a very short time. Amana Healthcare introduced the concept of specialized rehabilitation in the region in 2014. Prior to that, patients who needed post-acute rehabilitation had to travel to countries such as Germany, the UK and the US to receive specialized care at dedicated rehabilitation hospitals.”

Dr. Anwar says that the key themes for this year include amputation and rehabilitation, COVID-19 pandemic and rehabilitation, movement disorder rehabilitation and pediatric rehabilitation. Among the speakers are two experts from Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. The first, Dr Shivam Om Mittal, staff physician at the Neurology, Neurological Institute and section head of Parkinson’s Disease & Movement Disorders, will be speaking about the role of deep brain stimulation in Parkinson’s disease. His colleague, Dr. Sabahat Asim Wasti, a staff physician at the hospital’s Neurological Institute, will discuss rehabilitation issues in the ICU.

Conference co-chair, Healthpoint’s Dr. Al Rahoomi, adds, “We aim to use this conference to champion the need for training and delivery of specialized rehabilitation, and to promote it across the UAE and region. We also intend to use the expertise we have gained from collaborating on patient cases to provide context and explain the entire patient journey through to specialized rehabilitation. In the case of Healthpoint, for example, Amana Healthcare has a wing within our hospital to support the important transition from surgery to specialized rehabilitation.”

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