Nancy Zabaneh shares tips to beat mental stress and overcome loneliness


Manage your wellbeing and mental health

Nancy Zabaneh

Recent studies show that loneliness and isolation alongside anxiety have changed how people socialize throughout the day. But the first step to not let stress and anxiety consume you is acknowledging that you’re not feeling your best. Renowned wellness expert, Compassionate Inquiry therapist and motivational speaker, Nancy Zabaneh believes that there is still a stigma associated with being in therapy, particularly in the Arab world, which prevents people from seeking the help they need. 

Here are five suggestions by Nancy to help you find a way out of your mental anguish: 

Spend more time outdoors

Grab a friend or a loved one and spend time outside, whether it’s going for a neighbourhood walk, to the beach, or a drive outside the city into the mountains – the UAE has endless options to explore. “I love driving out to the Hajar mountains and to the Northern Emirates. Hiking is a wonderful activity, as well as regular beach walks.  We are blessed to live by the sea here in the UAE,” adds Nancy. 

Learn something new

Take a course online, learn a new skill, or refine what you already know. “Training in different modalities not only allows me to upgrade my skill set in multiple areas, but also keeps me engaged with the outside world.”

Stay connected with others

Engage with your local community. The quickest way out of the neurosis of the mind is to serve. Whether it is cooking for friends who are unwell, reaching out to the elderly or volunteering at the local shelter, donate your time to people in need.

Try a Kundalini yoga session

A mindful tip is to get your energy from prana instead of adrenaline.  The rhythmic flow of Kundalini yoga restores the nervous and glandular systems and releases old stress response patterns from the body. A typical Kundalini yoga class involves chanting mantras that help to cut through the endless wheel of subconscious chatter in the mind, all the while building our pranic and radiant bodies.  This induces a space of calm and vitality.

See a therapist

Nancy is the first Compassionate Inquiry Therapist in the Arab world and offers counselling sessions to help others realize compassionate connection with the source of their issues. “My approach is very holistic – engaging the mind, body and spirit and incorporating everything from meditation and kriya-based work in between sessions, to journaling and accountability practices.”

About Nancy Zabaneh (Hari Darshan Kaur):

Based in Dubai for 20 years, Nancy is a pioneer of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness in the Arab world and an active Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Trainer with the New Mexico-based Aquarian Teacher Academy (KRI). Nancy coordinated the Arabian Gulf’s first ever yoga teacher trainings, and has since led many more. With a background in International Relations and Public Affairs, Nancy brings an added layer of experience to her work as a Compassionate Inquiry therapist and human relations coach. She draws on her own experiences of healing and awakening as well as years of integrative study, practice and teaching across the globe to support others in realizing their fullest potential. She has provided mentoring and led workshops in a myriad of public and private settings, including with Dubai Municipality, Dubai Holding, Dubai College, Yogafest, She is Arab, Al Serkal Avenue, Al Sahm Women, Chalhoub Group, Bloomingdale’s, Harvey Nichols & Meraas, to name a few.

Dedicated to spreading awareness through conscious living and diverse methodologies, Nancy founded Darshan in 2019, a training, seminar and event curator that builds grassroots connections through its rich calendar of activations designed to render service, education and inspiration.