Following its best year to date in 2021, the company has since seen a 50% increase in sales and bookings in Q1 2022, compared to the same period in 2021

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Nasma Luxury Stays, a division of Al Tamimi Investments and a specialist in the executive living and vacation rentals sector, anticipates a stellar summer period performance and another stellar year overall.

This has been driven by several ongoing trends that are influencing the UAE’s short-term rental and hospitality markets.

According to Colliers’ MENA Hotel Forecast for 2022, the impact of EXPO 2020 Dubai will continue to have a positive effect on all markets in the UAE, while the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is expected to result in overspill demand in the key transit hubs of Dubai and Abu Dhabi [1].

In line with this forecast, in recent months Nasma Luxury Stays has recorded a significant uptick in interest in short-term and vacation rentals in Dubai, particularly around the period of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

In the post pandemic era, a significant number of local and international organisations have incorporated work from home/remote working polices into their day-to-day operations, which gives individuals the opportunity to live and work in different cities and countries. Nasma Luxury Stays is at the top of its game for the work remotely movement with high-speed WiFi, comfortable working spaces including desks and ergonomic chairs – enabling an elevated work/play environment for the modern global citizen.

The growing demand for short-term and vacation rentals is due to an increased desire for a more flexible and ‘day to day’ living approach compared to the ‘norm’ of traditional one bedroom hotel stays. Nasma Luxury Stays provides a luxury ‘home away from home’ with properties to fit large families, fully equipped kitchens etc. in some of the best locations in the UAE, including beachfront Palm Jumeirah Villas and modern Yas Island apartments.

Dani Tabbara, COO at Al Tamimi Investment comments: After its best year to date in 2021 and achieving a 50% increase in sales in Q1 2022 from last year, Nasma Luxury Stays is continuing its strong growth trajectory. This has been the result of a positive market demand, but also a significant increase in the number of property owners who have chosen to trust Nasma Luxury Stays with managing and leasing their properties. The exceptional and personalized service we provide our partners, accompanied by a high return on their real estate investments is a key factor in our success. We will continue our expansion strategy within the UAE by adding more properties in Dubai and increasing our newly formed Abu Dhabi portfolio.”

Demand for staycations, buoyed by unpredictable travel restrictions, also continue to exert a positive influence on the UAE’s hospitality market. In a recent Zawya report about the 4-day Eid Al Adha break in the UAE, dnata Travel revealed that 25% of its overall travel bookings for the break are for staycations, with an increased demand for new hospitality offerings [2].

Boasting a growing portfolio of niche offerings for discerning individuals, the majority of Nasma Luxury Stays’ units are booked for short and or medium-term stays, which form one major element of its business.

“Nasma Luxury Stays are unique for a number of reasons, and we are proud of our curated staycation properties in prime locations around the city with magnificent views and full amenities (pool, jacuzzi, beachfront properties, bathroom amenities etc.), backed by experienced professionals and concierge service to guarantee a comfortable stay,” added Dani Tabbara.

Since 2015, Nasma Luxury Stays has established itself as the UAE’s premier purveyor of luxury executive living and holiday homes that boast tailor-made experiences. The company’s niche portfolio of properties is ideal for individuals seeking to enjoy an incredible holiday experience in the UAE, as well as for those looking for a space that meets their day-to-day living and working requirements.

Nasma Luxury Stays operates under a Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) license, which enables a secure and seamless experience for property owners who wish to list their homes.

About Nasma Luxury Stays:

Founded in 2015, Nasma Luxury Stays is an elite service provider for business and holiday travelers looking to enjoy the luxuries of a five-star hotel within the discretion of their private homes.  Nasma Luxury Stays offers luxe executive living and holiday homes with tailor-made experiences in Dubai.  We provide our guests with bespoke services and 24/7 concierge support in Dubai’s most prestigious locations.  We maintain a niche portfolio of luxe properties in key locations across Dubai.  Property owners enjoy comprehensive end-to-end management for their short-term rentals with flexible access to their property around the year.  A division of Al Tamimi Investment, Nasma Luxury Stays enjoys access to unique partnerships with quality suppliers and service providers.  Our local team is available on the ground to support guests with authentic experiences and property owners with end-to-end property management.

About Al Tamimi:

Established in 2006, ATI Investments is one of Dubai’s leading financial holding companies, with a vested interest in the people behind its businesses.

At ATI Investments focuses on a dynamic and decisive approach to investment. It operates a straightforward and effective business model with a strong team of local and international business professionals who are highly skilled in identifying commercial potential and translating it into live, growing business entities. Embracing innovation, ATI Investments evaluates every opportunity on its merit and growth potential.

ATI Investments believes in providing opportunities to the greater community. It also believes in sustainability and supports an array of responsible initiatives across its portfolio.