NeckDoctor for DESK and WALL ergonomic products gain traction across the Middle East


UAE: NeckDoctor, the original ergonomic gas spring monitor arm company has witnessed consistent demand for its products amongst ‘work from home’ professionals across diverse industries including corporates, offices, gamers and household customers who want to protect their loved ones from improper sitting postures that strain the muscles and connecting tissues around the neck, head, back, spine and shoulder.

NeckDoctor for DESK and WALL currently trends due to its full motion single monitor arm built with steel aluminium material and features a Gas Spring technology that perfectly adjusts and counterbalances the weight of your TV or monitor. Additional features such as effortless finger touch forward, backward or sideways, Tilt Range, 360° portrait or landscape rotation and repositioning allows free movement of your computer on your desk or TV on your wall including distance height adjustments.

The absence of practicing ergonomics can damage our wellbeing. An average adult sits 6.5 hours a day and teens at 8 hours a day on a computer, ipad or laptop. NeckDoctor for DESK and NeckDoctor for WALL are ergonomically designed products that help in improving one’s posture when using all forms of modern-day computing devices and gadgets.

Strained neck, sore shoulders, inflexible spine, muscle fatigue and several dreadful associated illnesses are among some of the ergonomic challenges people face with prolonged use of computers and screens. Correct viewing angle is also very important as constant leaning of our heads to reach out to our screens is known to bend our spine by a few millimeters every year.

Founder Tarun K. Balani, & CEO – NeckDoctor, During the onset of covid in April and May last year, NeckDoctor witnessed a huge spike in demand and we continue to see a rise in trend where our customers wish to have their monitors fixed on the wall or desk to protect their spine and neck movements in their body. We have also seen a surge of interest from the hotel industry who offer their guests the option of ergonomic screen movement in their rooms.”

“Inefficiency at the workplace caused by pain results in loss of work hours, revenue and productivity which costs establishments a huge amount of money every year. NeckDoctor products continue to make it easy for you to work efficiently, effectively, comfortably and boost productivity at your workplace, office or home.”

“Like in Europe and USA, companies and governments in the Middle East allocate large budgets to equip their establishments with the latest ergonomic products as the well-being of their employees and workforce is of prime importance. They have successfully identified use of their resources with the simple adoption of modern ergonomics.”

He added, “We are in the midst of a new tech revolution where the trend to use new devices and gadgets will continue. These devices will increasingly produce more ergonomic challenges and every aspect of the human body remains highly vulnerable due to improper postures. Today, as well-being is the new found prime area of interest, we constantly strive to introduce new ergonomic products to bring natural relief to the human body, offering ergonomic solutions which are Doctor free, Medicine Free and Surgery free.”

3X three times approved strength tested, certifications, quality controlled with a 

one year warranty and free 30-day trial, NeckDoctor for DESK fits most 13″ to 32″ LED/LCD/CURVED monitors while NeckDoctor for WALL fits 23″ to 55″ Television Screen size or Monitor. Both retails at AED 320 online on amazon, Sharaf DG, Carrefour,, also exclusively available offline in all Sharaf DG stores across the UAE.  

Two new products that were recently launched are the NeckDoctor for LAPTOPS, Gas Spring Sit and Stand Workstation and the NeckDoctor for LAPTOPS-L, Pneumatic Portable Sit and Stand Workstation.

High quality NeckDoctor ergonomic products are currently under development and ready to be introduced to the market in the near futur

About NeckDoctor:

NeckDoctor is the finest Ergonomic monitor stand supplier in the UAE, delivering high quality products and solutions globally to enhance productivity in the office or home by offering a perfect balance between sitting and standing. To purchase a NeckDoctor product visit or, or Sharaf DG outlets across Mall of the Emirates, Mirdiff City Centre, Ibn Battuta Egypt Court, Ibn Battuta China Court, Times Square Centre, Deira City Centre.