Need inspiration for those last minute gifts this holiday season? Check out this Global Village Festive Gifts Guide


The festive season is truly one of the most special times of the year. As families and friends come together to celebrate, rejoice, and spread the festive spirit, people exchange gifts with their nearest and dearest to show their love and appreciation. As the UAE and wider region’s leading multicultural family destination for culture, shopping, and entertainment, Global Village is always delighted to play a part in the holiday season. Besides being a place like no other for unforgettable adventures and everlasting memories, the park is also the number one shopping spot, with unique gifts from all around the world. Here, we reveal some of the most unique gifts for family and friends that are available exclusively at Global Village.

Wonderful gifts for her

  • Sensational silk dresses: Fabulous silk dresses have been a part of Middle Eastern culture of centuries and remain hugely popular with women to this day. However, finding the very best items crafted with authentic silk and boasting rare design features is not always an easy task. This festive season, there’s nowhere to look other than Global Village. Buy the perfect gift for a special lady from the India and Pakistan pavilions, where dresses have been made from the finest silk and embody their own unique styles for an elegant appearance anywhere, anytime. 
  • Stylish handcrafted shoes: Many unique items can be found in the Lebanon pavilion and shoes built through exceptional craftsmanship fall into this category. There is an extensive selection to choose from, with each pair distinguishable by different colours, patterns, and embroidery. Here, you can find a fantastic gift suitable for any special occasion.
  • Amazing continental dresses: Several countries have always been renowned exporters of rare women’s clothing and dresses are perhaps the most popular of all. At Global Village, there are beautiful selections to choose from in the Palestine, Morocco, and Turkey pavilions – each made from varied materials with handcrafted modifications to complete a stunning appearance. 

Marvelous presents for him

  • Genuine leather jackets: An ever-popular item for men in colder conditions, the Afghanistan and Pakistan pavilions feature a variety of natural leather jackets in various colours that enhance the elegant appearance of any man. Distinctive cashmere scarfs can also be found in the India and Pakistan pavilions to complement the jacket chosen and complete the winter attire.
  • Exceptional perfumes: Men love to smell sensational, particularly for special occasions. Precious moments are never far away during the holiday season, so why not purchase one of many incredible perfumes at Global Village as a festive gift? Whether you wonder into UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Turkey, or Lebanon pavilion, the perfect present will always be nearby. There are plenty of popular outlets to choose from, and gifts can also be customised by selecting particular oils and mixing them with other specific ingredients for a sublime and personalized scent for the man in your life. 

Unique surprises for the little ones 

  • Distinctive dolls: – Around the world, dolls hold a special place in the hearts and minds of girls. This festive season, explore a selection of the rarest dolls in the entire region and pick the one your daughter, granddaughter, or niece will love the most. In the Russia, Turkey, and Japan pavilions, dolls crafted in wood by passionate specialists come in all shapes and sizes like the beautiful Russian Matryoshka doll. They promise to bring joy and happiness all year long and will ensure this festive season will always be remembered. These unusual dolls will provide countless hours of entertainment.
  • Old schools games and famous musical instruments: Instead of searching for modern presents, why not take a traditional approach to capture their curiosity and channel their energy? In the Egypt pavilion, Backgammon can be purchased as a gift this festive season. One of the world’s oldest board games is a gateway to hours of entertainment. Meanwhile, other special gifts can be found at the Africa pavilion in the form of musical instruments. Whether it’s a tambourine or a flute, your kids can explore their creative musical talent over the holidays and carry what promises to be a newfound passion forward into the future.

Other special gifts 

  • Global Village has an endless collection of distinctive gifts from cultures all around the world. Precious stones for pendants and earrings can be found in the Yemen pavilion, the Lebanon pavilion has some of the brightest and best handmade jewellery, soothing facial creams and body soaps can be located in the Cambodia pavilion, artistic home décor and rare sculptures are showcased in the Africa pavilion, and the Russia pavilion hosts an extensive range of handmade paintings.
  • The world’s oldest and most expensive spice – Saffron – is also available inside the Iranian pavilion and can be a perfect festive gift for foodies. It can be placed in distinct boxes made from wood, crystal, or copper to preserve it. 

Global Village is a destination like no other when searching for the perfect festive gifts – and there are many more wonders we haven’t mentioned for you to discover within the incredible pavilions. Visit Global Village today, take a tour around the park, and select the things that will bring the most happiness to those closest to you this festive season.