Nespresso UAE launches first Reviving Origins organic coffee blend from Congo to help revive fragile coffee farming in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


Years of dedication and care in the Democratic Republic of the Congo led to the regional launch of KAHAWA ya CONGO with a strategic campaign featuring Dubai-based Congolese artist Jennifer Kolomoni

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Coffee lovers in the UAE can now enjoy a new organic coffee while also helping to revitalize one of the world’s most vulnerable farming regions. The Reviving Origins KAHAWA ya CONGO coffee from Nespresso is a smooth and fruity seasonal blend grown on the rain-rich volcanic soils of Lake Kivu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where the once-thriving coffee farming community has been devastated by years of conflict and political instability.

Every cup of coffee from Congo contributes to the equipment, training or resources farmers and their communities need to create a better future — a sustainable and healthy ecosystem that gives back to the livelihood of the farmers. It is also preserving the future of this unique, exceptional coffee for consumers to enjoy.

Congolese smallholder farmers are cultivating a one-of-a-kind organic coffee called KAHAWA ya CONGO, which means “coffee from Congo” in Swahili. This 100% arabica coffee is grown mainly on the rain-rich volcanic soils along the shores of Lake Kivu in Congo. KAHAWA ya Congo is a symbol of hope for an entire community especially since farming families in the area face extremely difficult conditions and restrictions.

The KAHAWA ya CONGO coffee is the first organic blend in Nespresso’s Reviving Origins program, its long-term approach to restoring coffee production in regions impacted by adversities such as conflict, economic hardship, and environmental disasters. Since its launch in 2019, the program has enabled the production of exceptional coffees from challenged areas of Zimbabwe, Uganda, Colombia and now, the DRC, to become available as seasonal coffees for Nespresso coffee lovers. The brand’s unique sustainable sourcing model in coffee-producing countries, the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, provides the foundation for its work in Reviving Origins regions and involves more than 110,000 farmers across the world.

Kivu coffee farmer, Turanyi Kabasura, said: “I see my remaining days being better than those in the past, because I am going to work, assured of receiving regular pay and a bonus each time after the coffee sale. In my whole life, no one has ever given me such a bonus. I can use that to develop other strategies, such as raising small livestock, or my wife can run a small business. I am starting to see the results of my work.”

For the launch of KAHAWA YA CONGO, Nespresso collaborated with Jennifer Kolomoni, a Belgian-Congolese creative director, stylist, and humanitarian-based in Dubai. Speaking about the special campaign, Jennifer commented, “When Nespresso approached me to collaborate on a campaign for the launch of Reviving Origin’s KAHAWA YA CONGO, I saw this as a great opportunity to help my community. This campaign really spoke to me and aligns with other projects I am involved in”

“With the Reviving Origins program, it is my hope that Nespresso’s efforts to revive coffee production in DR Congo bring both stability to the farmers and their families while doing so in a sustainable, equitable, and ethical manner. Having sampled a cup of the smooth Congolese coffee, I found it to be a true testament to Congo being home to the best coffee beans in the world. This launch is more than just a new product, it puts DR Congo on the map and reminds us that human beings are at the center of Nespresso’s Reviving Origins ecosystem.”

About Reviving Origins:

Reviving Origins reflects the brand philosophy of Creating Shared Value, with sustainability being the backbone of the Nespresso business. For more than three decades, Nespresso has been assisting farming communities around the world in producing the highest quality coffee, resulting in a positive economic effect that ripples throughout the coffee farming ecosystem. Reviving Origins is an integral part of Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program, which is the brand’s sustainable sourcing model in coffee producing countries involving over 110,000 farmers across the world. The initiative, introduced in 2003 in collaboration with The Rainforest Alliance, helps improve yields and quality of harvests while protecting the environment and improving livelihoods of farmers and their communities.

 Proof Points

“Through our Reviving Origins Program, we are partnering with farmers to revive coffee production and communities in regions affected by conflict, natural disaster or climate change”

“Reviving Origins creates significant, positive societal and economic impact, with a focus on farmer training and production support to increase coffee quality and productivity, generating in the end economic development”.

“Through our Reviving Origins Program, we revived coffee farming in 7 countries and supported around 8,000 farmers. This is just the beginning.”

“Our coffees not only provide high quality and varied tastes to our consumers, more importantly, through their creation, they make a significant difference to the communities we are reviving; helping them to re-establish lost farms, reinvigorate supply chains and breathe new life into the local areas. (RO)”

About the Reviving Origins program:

Nespresso first discovered the potential of reviving a forgotten coffee when it ventured to South Sudan in 2011. The limited edition SULUJA ti SOUTH SUDAN became the country’s second export after oil in 2015 and 2016, and helped to diversify the economic base of the world’s youngest nation. In 2016, Nespresso launched the limited editions AURORA de la PAZ, its first coffee from the Caquetá, Colombia, conflict region, and CAFECITO de CUBA the first Cuban coffee to come to the United States in more than fifty years (exclusive for the US). In 2019, Nespresso officially launched its Reviving Origins program alongside new single-origin coffees from Eastern Zimbabwe – TAMUKA mu ZIMBABWE – and Colombia – ESPERANZA de COLOMBIA – followed by Puerto Rico – CAFECITO de PUERTO RICO. In 2020, Nespresso introduced AMAHA awe UGANDA from the Rwenzori Mountains regions of Uganda, and now KAHAWA ya CONGO from the Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

About Nestlé Nespresso SA:

Nestlé Nespresso SA is the pioneer and reference for the highest-quality portioned coffee.  The company works with more than 122,000 farmers in 15 countries through its AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program to embed sustainability practices on farms and the surrounding landscapes.  Launched in 2003 in collaboration with the NGO Rainforest Alliance, the program helps to improve the yield and quality of harvests, ensuring a sustainable supply of high-quality coffee and improving the livelihoods of farmers and their communities.

Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, Nespresso operates in 82 countries and has over 13’900 employees. In 2020, it operated a global retail network of 816 boutiques.