Network infrastructure construction fuels industry development, finds UBBF 2021


World’s largest summit in fixed network field concludes in Dubai, with experts showcasing how extended connectivity will drive growth in the region and globally

Peng Song, President of Global Carrier Marketing & Solution Sales at Huawei

Dubai, UAE: The 7th Ultra-Broadband Forum (UBBF 2021), jointly hosted by the UN Broadband Commission and Huawei, recently concluded in Dubai, UAE. As the world’s largest summit in the fixed network field, this year’s UBBF focused on the theme “Extend Connectivity, Drive Growth”. 

At the event, leading global operators and equipment vendors exchanged ideas on a wide array of topics — including network infrastructure construction, regional digital economy, successful solution application, and expansion of industry growth space. They also shared best practices and discussed how to deepen business cooperation.

“Connectivity is more than just an expansion of functions; more importantly, it is an emotional bond,” said Ryan Ding, Executive Director and President of the Carrier Business Group, Huawei, in his speech. “About 20 years ago, connection speeds exceeded 32 Kbps, and video began to surpass text as the major form of traffic, allowing us to communicate like never before,” he added.

Building an All-Optical Target Network

Speaking at UBBF 2021, Bill Wang, Vice President of Huawei’s Optical Product Line, delivered a keynote speech pointing out that in addition to benefits in energy saving and rate improvement, all-optical target networks also accelerate the digital transformation of various industries, bring premium service experiences, and generate higher business values. Huawei thus released the DQ ODN and Edge OTN series products, which have been designed to help operators quickly build all-optical target networks that are visible and manageable from end to end, greatly reducing operator O&M costs, and providing a high-speed entrance to the digital world for various industries and households.

Building Network Competitiveness

Peng Song, President of Global Carrier Marketing & Solution Sales at Huawei, delivered a keynote speech where he defined and elaborated Huawei’s C.A.F (Coverage Architecture Fusion) model. Peng highlighted that: “There are huge opportunities for connectivity. It is key for operators to build network competitiveness based on the CAF model.” According to Peng, the C.A.F model is the key — “C” stands for coverage, “F” for fusion, and “A” for architecture.

Intelligent Cloud-Network Inspires New Growth

In the wake of the pandemic, governments of many countries have accelerated their digitalization process. This is triggering great changes in the IP industry. Operators’ network construction has changed from connection-centric to cloud-centric. The Intelligent Cloud-Network Session at UBBF 2021 saw leading operators and analysts of well-known institutions gather from all over the world to discuss topics relating to advanced network architecture and share successful business practices in the cloud-network era.

Kevin Hu, President of Huawei’s Data Communication Product Line, introduced four new features of Huawei’s Intelligent Cloud-Network Solution and all-scenario NetEngine series intelligent routers, providing differentiated cloud-network convergence service capabilities and accelerating digital transformation for industries.

Hank Chen, president of the Router Domain of Huawei’s Data Communication Product Line, emphasized that Huawei’s Intelligent Cloud-Network Solution can help operators build future-oriented target networks, adapt to diversified service changes, unleash the potential of traditional services, seize new B2B opportunities, and ultimately enable all-service growth.

“IP On Everything will be the future,” said Chen. “IP connectivity will continue to extend, continuously bring intelligence and computing power to every person, every home, and every industry for a fully connected, intelligent world.”

About Huawei:

Founded in 1987, Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. We have more than 197,000 employees, and we operate in more than 170 countries and regions, serving more than three billion people around the world.

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