New competitive functionality in the Centevo Suite

  • Buy-side FIX connectivity, real-time connection with Bloomberg & New front-end solution

Athens: Profile Software, an international financial solutions provider announced today that Centevo, the leading asset management software provider in the Nordics and a Profile Group Company, has presented the enhancements of its flagship platform, Cairo, the flexible portfolio management solution and the front-end solution for clients.

As part of Profile, since March 2021, Centevo now offers readily available integration with Bloomberg via Cairo’s portfolio system using FIX connection. The orders for stocks and ETFs can be initiated directly in the system eliminating manual processes while achieving automation. In detail, once the order is created in Cairo, compliance checks are carried out and the order is automatically sent to Bloomberg and to the market. At market closing, the order is updated, filled and closed. The order can be updated down to commission level and settlement is followed and sent to the bank. After the transaction is completed, a note is sent out from the counterparty. 

The user benefits are numerous from Automated Order Management and pre-order compliance since it saves substantial time and effort to the users and the updates are processed in the background, delivering a seamless experience.

In addition, Centevo has enhanced the End-Client Solution to deliver more functions. The service offers the end customers with a clear overview of their investments, a secure channel to receive encrypted communication and a straightforward platform for fund trading. The latter has been enhanced with a holistic portfolio view, powerful reporting tools and full trading platform. Furthermore, it offers secure login and client communication compliant with GDPR procedures, whilst being used as ‘System as a Service’.

With these new additions the Centevo Suite delivers upgraded services to meet the evolving market needs whilst delivering the functionality to the end customer and professional user to automate their tasks.

‘We are offering these platform services as new value adding solutions for our clients and we already have satisfied pilot clients using the solutions. We are looking forward to offering these to a broader market in the Nordics in the time to come’. Says Robert Eikheim CCO at Centevo.

The applications are continuously being developed and improved with an automated release process, which abbreviates lead times and optimises focus on end results. 

About Profile:

Founded in 1990, Profile Software is a specialised software solutions provider with offices in key financial centers and a presence in 45 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and America delivering market-proven solutions to the Investment Management and Banking industries. Profile Software is recognised as an established and trusted partner by international industry specific advisory firms. Profile Software’s solutions enable organisations to align their business and IT strategies, while providing the necessary business agility to proactively respond to the ever-changing market conditions.Centevo is a specialised asset, wealth and fund management software solutions provider in the Nordics, member of the Profile Group.