New research shows that UAE residents & citizens are leading a more sustainable life

  • 83% of people in the UAE are aware of their environmental footprint and the impact their purchasing choices have on the planet
  •  80% are actively trying to influence friends and family to lead a more sustainable lifestyle
  •  59% of people say that using a sustainable laundry detergent is important to them, while 25% of UAE residents do their laundry once a day

 Dubai: Almost 50% of women living in the United Arab Emirates plan to take on more sustainable initiatives, according to a major study released today that canvassed how environmentally conscious UAE residents are and how important it is for them to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

With a region-wide drive towards a greener future, environmentally friendly lifestyle choices are high on the agenda for UAE residents. The survey was conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Ariel Middle East, on the back of launch of their latest innovative product that tackles environmental laundry related issues. The survey, which canvassed 1,004 people, revealed that a staggering 83% of us are aware of the environmental footprint and impact our purchasing choices have on the planet. The survey also shows that four in ten people plan to make more sustainable choices for the rest of 2022, with 35–44-year-olds being the most age group in the UAE who aspires to be more sustainable.

Whilst eagerness to be more eco-conscious remains front and centre, 35% of respondents feel there is a distinct lack of sustainable products on the market to support this need, with a further 31% admitting a lack of awareness when it comes to adopting more sustainable habits. One in five even confess that they simply don’t know where to start.

The survey was commissioned by Ariel Middle East, coinciding with the launch of its newest innovation, Ariel NANO Pods. The revolutionary innovation is launching for the first time in the world, right here in the UAE. It is also the first ever laundry innovation exclusively designed for the people of the GCC to solve the region’s number one laundry challenge of achieving 100% stain removal with 0% powder residues.

As one of the world’s most recognizable and premium laundry care brands, the launch of Ariel NANO Pods in the UAE can help residents be more eco-friendly with their laundry decisions.

The survey also delved into consumer’s laundry demands, showing the top benefits they seek from detergents, which are removing difficult stains and the need for laundry detergents to contain less harmful chemicals to the environment (with 62% highlighting this as very important to them). This is where Ariel NANO Pods aim to provide a solution. This all-new innovation comprises of single unit-dose sachets of soluble film containing concentrated fine powder detergent with active ingredients, containing less chemicals (vs. powder), zero solvents and no phosphates.   The sachets instantly dissolve in water to deliver amazing stain removal and cleaning results, even in a 15-minute quick wash or cold wash, which saves energy.

With the survey showing that almost 25% of people wash their clothes at least once a day, the impact on the amount of water used is significant. Converting to Ariel NANO Pods helps us save precious water resources as the product requires around 55% less water to manufacture vs Powder detergents, which this translates to up to 2,187 tons water/year if all households in UAE will move from powder to Nano Pods.

Commenting on the launch, Uluc Ayik, Senior Vice President of Fabric Care at P&G IMEA commented: “We are extremely excited about the launch of Ariel’s NANO Pods across the GCC- a pioneering product that was created with the GCC consumers in mind. At P&G, we always aim to innovate, combining technology with real life insights to drive progress. With this product, we seek to lead the way towards the future of laundry as an industry that has been ever evolving over the years to meet the consumers’ ultimate needs. We’re committed to ensuring we are at the forefront of innovation in order to address changing consumer needs. We are confident that Ariel NANO Pods have the potential to revolutionize the concept of laundry.”

Ramy Tarshouby, Vice President of Fabric Care at P&G ME added: “Ariel NANO Pods are the outcome of genuine consumer research and insights, which revealed the need to tackle the number one laundry challenge in the region. It’s these insights that motivated us to innovate and create a product truly inspired by the regional consumer. From performance to sustainability, our aim was to produce an innovation that could meet what our local modern-day consumer demands. As the UAE takes steps towards embracing sustainability, such as efforts to reduce energy demand by 40% by 2050, we are proud to deliver an innovative high performing product that is the result of advanced technology and has a number of environmental benefits.

Key facts & benefits of Ariel NANO Pods:

Ariel NANO Pods come in two different types of packaging: a solid tub and plastic bag. For sustainable storage, consumers can first buy the tub then refill it with the plastic bags as they go. The Bag has more than 88% less plastic when comparing it to the Tub.

With its pre-dosed convenience, Ariel Nano Pods may contribute to the minimization of water and electricity wastage as it strongly removes stains without residues eliminating the need to rewash clothes– especially for powder users in the GCC who our studies proved that most of them underdose by 40%** vs the recommended dosage per load.  The single unit-dose sachet is built from the finest powder detergent and super soluble film that instantly dissolves upon contact with water, perfectly dosed for ease, convenience and strong cleaning power.

Upon dissolving in water, the sachet releases fine, highly concentrated detergent particles that penetrate deep into the fibers of fabrics to give you the ultimate stain removal without powder residues.

The Ariel NANO Pods’ formula is highly concentrated with active ingredients, containing less chemicals (vs. powder) zero solvents and no phosphates.

Wash in colder water – most of laundry’s carbon footprint comes from heating water – the more you reduce the water temperature, the friendlier you are to the environment.

Water Savings: (vs. powder detergent) while manufacturing.  Ariel NANO Pods require around 55% less water to manufacture vs Powder detergents translating to up to 2,187 tons water/year if everybody starts using NANO Pods.

Research was conducted by Censuswide for Ariel Middle East amongst a sample of 1,004 UAE respondents. It was conducted from 11th March – 14th March.

**According to a P&G Study in UAE & KSA done between Jan – Dec 2021 with a total of 4,119 loads

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