New state-of-the-art distribution center to optimize aswaaq supply chain

aswaaq distribution centre

aswaaq distribution centre

Dubai, UAE: Leading UAE community mall and supermarket chain, aswaaq, has announced that it will be building a state-of the-art distribution center in Nad Al Hamar, Dubai. Marking the next phase of the company’s expansion plans throughout the UAE, the 300,000 sqft plot and 180,000sqft facility is expected to be completed and ready for operations by Q3 of 2018, with the consulting contract awarded to German firm Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions.

The distribution center is expected to be the UAE’s first facility of its kind, which will be a purpose- built, evolving and scalable model to address aswaaq’s supermarket business, including the company’s growing brick & mortar multi-level portfolio, 24/7 online shopping capabilities, a complete spectrum of omni-channel, along with third party logistics. The facility is designed to streamline procedures and create further business opportunities through resource optimization, while remaining compliant with aswaaq’s Go Green policy. The one-of-a-kind center will harness the world’s latest technology and meet international standards of best practice, with high-tech logistics and facilities in place to manage inventory and maximize efficiency through the supply chain.

The development of the new centre will play a key part in aswaaq’s five-year expansion plans across the UAE, in line with the company’s 2021 vision to extend its reach across the UAE and become even closer to customers while serving each community’s unique needs.

“aswaaq is a forward thinking company, We are on a constant quest for empowerment and efficiency for which we actively seek out new technology that will allow us to streamline our procedures and ensure that we continue to offer the highest quality service, at every stage of our supply chain,” says Affan Al Khoori, Deputy CEO of aswaaq. “Our new distribution center marks the next phase of our expansion through the UAE and we are confident the new development will bring us even closer to realising our 2021 vision.”

The consultation for the new distribution center was awarded to Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions, one of the world’s leading warehouse experts founded in Germany in 1987 which has been operating in Dubai since 2006. The company was selected by aswaaq due to its vast experience in developing the latest warehouse management systems and proven track record, which comprises of the highest levels of quality, progressiveness, pragmatic approach and innovative solutions.