Nine Out of 10 SMEs Agree UAE A Great Place To Start A Business!


More than 200 small to medium size businesses were polled by Zbooni, UAE’s leading conversational commerce platform

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Nine out of 10 SMEs think the UAE is a good location to start up a business – that’s according to the Zbooni 2021 UAE SME Survey. The study polled more than 200 UAE businesses across a variety of sectors, with 89.3 per cent agreeing the UAE is a great place for establishing a company.

An even higher percentage of SMEs in the UAE expect to grow in 2021 (91 per cent), while there is significant optimism for the future with 83.7 per cent declaring they are ‘optimistic’ or ‘very optimistic’ about the future. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, 89.5 per cent of the businesses surveyed suggested that they had grown their business in the past 12 months.

Announcing the findings of the report, Zbooni CEO and co-founder, Ramy Assaf said, “We conducted this research to understand how SMEs are faring after a turbulent year. Whilst we have seen strong growth on our digital platform, it is encouraging to see that the SME community has also accelerated over the past 12 months, despite the difficulties of Covid-19. Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the economy, so to see such confidence and optimism in light of the circumstances is tremendously positive for the UAE and its future.” 

Half of the businesses that Zbooni surveyed currently have retail or commercial space while the other half were online-only businesses.

Zbooni was founded in the UAE and serves thousands of businesses with its leading conversational commerce platform. The company offers a variety of business commerce solutions, with millions of dollars transacted per month via its payment facility.

About Zbooni:

Zbooni is a technology company that was founded in Dubai in 2017. Its name means ‘My Customer’ in Arabic, as it enables merchants to easily start, run and grow their businesses online, providing their customers with enhanced experiences. Zbooni provides a range of useful business-focused services, such as mobile payment solutions, digital storefronts, data insights, automated sales tracking and invoicing.

The company was incubated at Facebook, the world’s largest social media network, and is backed by regional and international organisations, including Chalhoub Group, Middle East Venture Partners and B&Y Venture Capital.