Nobles Real Estate provides Eid clothing to orphans for the fifth year


Nobles Properties its annual “Eid clothing carnival” for the fifth year in a row, distributing apparel to 100 orphans in Amman, Mafraq and the southern Jordan Valley. The event was designed to allow the children to choose their own clothes and shoes, and was held in cooperation with the Sanahya Keram Charity Association.

Nobles’ Chairman, Omar Ayesh, said: “This initiative is part of our responsibility to the communities in which we operation. Our goal is to strengthen the bonds that hold a society together, to reduce the gap between the wealthy and those in need, and to always focus on bringing a smile to as many children as we can.”

Ayesh emphasized the importance of supporting orphans and giving them opportunities to thrive despite their circumstances. He noted that Nobles as specialized education programs including schooling aid, university scholarships and even career placement for those that excel.  He added that the company offers talented, extraordinary students support because this reflects the company’s belief in the importance of excellence and innovation. Nobles has developed strategic partnerships with several specialized institutions in 13 countries around the world.

Ayesh stressed that during the current campaign, both Nobles employees and the charity organization observed all necessary precautions to maintain public safety considering the dangers posed by exposure to the corona virus.

The CEO of Sanayha Keram for his part assured that this event was one of several projects the organization undertakes the alleviate the economic burdens that afflict orphans and underprivileged families, particularly the stigma that can arise when children feel they cannot participate on an equal basis to the rest of the community’s youth.

About Nobles Properties:

Nobles Properties is an international real estate developer that builds distinctive lifestyle developments. The company’s Corporate Social Responsibility program includes hundreds of university scholarships in 9 countries around the world, in addition to its strategic partnership with Sanahya Keram as well as its other, ongoing CSR programs. Omar Ayesh, the company’s founder, built one of the region’s most iconic projects in Dubai, the Princess Tower, which reigned as the tallest residential tower in the world for years. Nobles Properties was established in 2008 and operates in North America, the Middle East and North Africa.