NRTC Group launches new market chain “Wholesale Market”


Wholesale Market opens its doors in Baniyas with a bulk-buying option for all consumers.

The NRTC Group has officially launched a unique chain of markets for both businesses and consumers alike. Named “Wholesale Market”, NRTC Group aims to continue their 40-year heritage as a leader in the fresh produce industry in the UAE, by selling a range of both imported and locally-sourced food with a focus on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Commencing in Baniyas, the official opening of Wholesale Market took place on Thursday 22nd April in the presence of the CEO of NRTC Group – Mr. Mohammad Nassar Al Rafaee. As a unique concept that gives consumers the choice to buy in bulk or in retail-sized packaging, NRTC Group hope to see this new market expand across the UAE over the coming years.

“One of our priorities at the NRTC Group is to work closely with local-farms to support with the government’s plans to increase food security in the UAE and we believe that this Wholesale Market is a crucial step in this development. Though the UAE currently imports the majority of all of its food, consumer demand for locally-grown and sustainably-sourced produce is increasing and as a company, our focus is to find a sustainable balance between imported goods and produce from local farms. Therefore, our vision is to enable human prosperity through delivering higher levels of food security to the people of the UAE.” says Mr. Mohammad Nassar, CEO of NRTC Group.

NRTC Group will be working tactfully to source locally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables, which will be sold alongside a variety of sustainably-imported food items, obtained by the NRTC Group. The range will be available inside the impressive new space of approximately 30,000 sq. ft. Fitted with chillers, dry storage space and a showroom, this impressive market has a surrounding capacity of 200 car parking spots to welcome customers wishing to purchase both bulk and retail sized goods. The interior capacity has been measured and will adhere to the government regulations regarding social distancing.

Thanks to NRTC Group, customers no longer need to travel to purchase their items in bulk, Wholesale Market is in closer proximity to its consumers than its alternatives, so consumers can remain closer to home and shop their premium-quality fresh produce with convenience. With the hope to establish Wholesale Market as a chain across the UAE, the NRTC Group has the objective to open around 4 markets in Abu Dhabi in 2021 with more branches expanding within the rest of the UAE in 2022.

Located in Al Rakb Street, Baniyas, customers in Abu Dhabi can shop their fresh fruits, vegetables and food items in store from Thursday 22nd April.

About Wholesale Market:

Wholesale Market is a new market located in Baniyas Island, Abu Dhabi. Established by NRTC Group, the largest importer of fruits and vegetables to the UAE, this unique market creates a balance between imported food items and locally-grown fresh produce. Focusing on supporting the UAE’s plans for food security, NRTC Group has launched this new chain of markets for customers to purchase sustainably-sourced retail and bulk-sized fresh produce in convenient locations. Starting with Abu Dhabi, NRTC Group hope to expand Wholesale Market within the rest of the UAE in 2022.

About NRTC Group:

The NRTC Group has been in operation for over 40 years in the UAE, supplying high profile UAE clients across sectors such as retail, hospitals, airlines, HORECA as well as ruler’s palaces. With a journey that commenced in the year 1973, NRTC Group has a vision to bring in the freshness of premium quality fruits and vegetables to the blooming market of the UAE. Today, the Nassar Al Refaee Trading Company (NRTC) group, successfully caters to the demands of the both local and international markets and have become the leading importer of fresh fruits and vegetables to the UAE.

NRTC Group aims to be on the forefront of development as it relates to customers’ needs, global trends and industry requirements.