Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure Gives its Users Freedom Over Other Solutions


Riyadh: A technology expert said that digital computing is one of the key technological drivers of digital transformation initiatives in Saudi Arabia, highlighting that it is the primary mover of the current digital revolution.

“Cloud computing and hyperconverged infrastructure are one of the most important technological components of digital transformation including customer engagement, internal processes, and updated business models,” said Aaron White, Regional Manager at Nutanix Middle East.

Flexibility and Portability

He also added “Although every company today has to be technologically oriented, ironically, the digital revolution is not led by the IT department.” People and jobs within companies looking for insight, flexibility, scalability, and freedom went to the public cloud for answers. Furthermore, at a time when IT was most needed, information technology was lagging behind.

“While users benefit from consumer-centric applications that enable them to better manage customer experience, IT teams must address the usability, security and governance challenges in decentralized systems” explained White. “The antidote to the public cloud is the freedom to move easily between clouds which includes knowing costs and the ability to choose the right location for the right data, and the belief that security and governance are not a secondary issue since they revolve around blurring the lines between the public and private sectors and between leasing and ownership.

Putting Knowledge into Practice

“There is great value in using knowledge to enable IT and to define the cloud infrastructure. Moreover, the ability to choose the right workload on the most suitable platform with the right cost is what everyone is looking for in the first place. The IT sector or departments need authorities to make informed decisions and to re-influence information technology decisions, spending and control. “

Concerning Nutanix’s “Cloud OS”, Aaron White explained that Nutanix is working towards making the infrastructure invisible, thereby raising the level of information technology to focus on applications and services that operate in the field of energy.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud combines between internet-level engineering and consumer-level design for server convergence, storage, virtualization and networking using flexible solution with rich artificial intelligence.

During the year, the company introduced new changing technologies in the market, as well as talents and new partners to enable the company to strive and innovate in a highly competitive market.

In August of this year, Nutanix acquired “Frame” which will be enable Nutanix’s customers to use Desktop as a Service (DaaS) therefore combining consumer and web design applications simply on the web level with virtual desktop applications.

Previously, in May, the company launched Nutanix Beam, a new software that provides multiple cloud management services, helps organizations to manage their spending, security, and regulatory compliance across virtually any cloud platform.

The service is based on the new Minjar Botmetric service offered by Nutanix. The service is already used to manage more than $ 1 billion of cloud spending through Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

In addition, Nutanix has also launched a new channel partner program targeted at key partners focused on the mid-market. The new Nutanix Velocity program includes accelerated selling processes, incentives and marketing investments for strategic, mid-market focused channel partners.