NVSSoft Achieves Full Compliance with Sharjah Documentation & Archive Authority Standards with ArcMate Enterprise and Tarasol


NVSSoft, a leading provider of innovative Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, is proud to announce its successful compliance with the documents and records management standards set forth by the Sharjah Documentation & Archive Authority (SDAA) for its enterprise document and records management system, ArcMate Enterprise, and its correspondence management system, Tarasol.

The announcement was made ahead of NVSSoft’s participation as a Silver Sponsor at the ICA Congress 2023 in Abu Dhabi, a conference and exhibition organized by the International Council on Archives (ICA) in association with the UAE National Library and Archives, hosting over 5,000 professionals and visitors from the archives and record management community from over 130 countries.

The Sharjah Documentation & Archive Authority (SDAA) plays a pivotal role in preserving the heritage and historical records of the Emirate of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Ensuring that its records management standards are met by organizations like NVSSoft is essential for the preservation of vital historical and administrative documents.

NVSSoft is the first ECM vendor in the UAE to receive this prestigious accolade from SDAA. Compliance with the SDAA standards is a testament to NVSSoft’s commitment to delivering state-of-the-art ECM solutions that not only meet international records management standards but also align with the requirements of central archive and document authorities in governments. This achievement underscores the company’s dedication to providing its clients with top-tier document and records management tools.

Preservation of Historical Records: Compliance with SDAA standards ensures that NVSSoft’s solutions effectively preserve historical records, safeguarding the cultural heritage and administrative history of Sharjah.

Enhanced Data Security: Meeting the stringent standards set by the SDAA means that NVSSoft’s solutions offer robust data security measures to protect sensitive information, making it an ideal choice for organizations with a focus on confidentiality.

Efficient Records Management: NVSSoft’s ArcMate Enterprise streamlines records management processes, enabling organizations to efficiently manage their documents and records, reducing the risk of data loss or mismanagement.

Standardized Record Lifecycle Management: ArcMate Enterprise provides standardized processes for managing the entire lifecycle of records, from creation and storage to retention and disposal, ensuring compliance with best practices and regulations.

Improved Accessibility: The compliance ensures that archived documents are easily accessible and searchable, facilitating quicker retrieval of critical information.

“We are thrilled to have achieved compliance with the rigorous standards set by the Sharjah Documentation & Archive Authority,” said Hani Kadah, Product Manager at NVSSoft. “This milestone reaffirms our commitment to delivering ECM solutions that meet the highest industry standards and empower organizations with efficient and secure records management.”

NVSSoft invites organizations seeking a robust and compliant document and records management solution to explore the benefits of ArcMate Enterprise and Tarasol. For more information, visit www.nvssoft.com

About NVSSoft:

NVSSoft is a leading provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and digital transformation solutions. With a commitment to innovation and compliance, NVSSoft offers a suite of products and services designed to empower organizations to efficiently manage their documents and records while meeting international and local standards.