OCF 2018 invites companies to recognise local potential through Internship Programmes


Muscat- Oman’s Minister of Manpower issued a decision regulating part-time work, based on suggestions by the Labour Laboratories of the Tanfeedh Program in 2016. Economic experts believe that this decision will aid the employment situation in the country. Supporting the move for part-time employment, the Omanisation Career Fair (OCF) 2018 invites companies hailing from labour-intensive sectors like Oil & Gas, Aviation, Hospitality, Mining, Construction, Logistics, Tourism, Finance, Automotive & more to feature their internships programmes for freshers, undergraduates & graduates with talents as unique as their business from 16-18 April 2018 at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre!

Companies across Oman’s public & private sectors are invited to support the local workforce by launching or sharing their latest internship programmes at OCF 2018. Organizations offering opportunities for unique industry experiences in the form of internship programmes can utilize the Omanisation Career Fair to further promote these programmes to the local population as OCF specifically caters to Omani students & working professionals.

According to Bayt.com’s ‘On-The-Job Training in the Middle East and North Africa’ research, 91.4% of job seekers prefer companies that offer career programs. Besides aiding fast-growing companies in maintaining their positions as lucrative employers in Oman, offering internship programmes for students will be as profitable for the offering company as for the internee. Internship programmes allow companies to discover the employment potential of school leavers, undergraduates, graduates & working professionals within Oman, leaving them to finally select the best and brightest students & industry professionals to recruit as part of their innovative, creative and productive teams. Furthermore, local interns can also help companies accomplish short-term goals or finish specific projects through low-cost support.

Organisations mentoring interns in ways of the business culture will in turn learn about the fresh perspectives they can bring to work environment. Interns also serve as the best brand advocators, as successful internship experiences will be shared by interns among their peers thus promoting the organisation’s brand in a roundabout manner. We look forward to the participation of companies across Oman, dedicated to enhancing the careers of the Omani youth & working professionals through skills, training & professional development opportunities, at OCF 2018.