OLX Narrates the Tale of Two Cities: “Beirut Vs Dubai”


A comparison of the property prices for the rent and sale of a 2-bedroom apartment in Beirut versus Dubai

Beirut, Lebanon: Beirut and Dubai are two of the Middle East’s most dazzling and renowned cities. They are similar in many regards, with Beirut being home to more than 2 million people, while Dubai’s booming population reached around 2.7 million people in a short period of time.  Both cities are also famous for their beautiful beaches and attract thousands to millions of visitors every year.

Throughout 2016, OLX Lebanon, the leading property platform in Lebanon, conducted a study that compares Beirut and Dubai’s prominent property markets. The comparative review highlights the property prices for the rent and sale of a 2-bedroom apartment in Beirut versus Dubai, taking into consideration upmarket communities in both cities.

Comparative Rental Property Highlight

City comparison: In Dubai, the average median rent for a 2-bedroom apartment per month for a property in a prime district costs around $3,158. While in Beirut, renting a 2-bedroom apartment would require a budget of $1,253 a month.  

Comparative Property for Sale Highlight

City comparison: The median price for a 2-bedroom apartment in Dubai is $643,656, which is triple the price of a 2-bedroom apartment in Beirut, which costs $216,000.

Recap on City Comparison

2-bedroom apartment in Achrafieh: Rent/month Price is $1253

2-bedroom apartment in Dubai: Rent/month Price is $3158

2-bedroom apartment in Beirut: Median Sale Price $216,000

2-bedroom apartment in Dubai’s Prime Communities: Median Sale Price $643,656

Although renting or buying an apartment in Dubai may seem more costly than in Beirut, there are other factors, besides the apartment’s price, that control a person’s decision. Utility fees for mobile bills, internet and cable services, in addition to electricity and water, as well as maintenance cost and generator monthly expenses should all be taken into consideration prior to signing the agreement.

Whilst the cost of living in Beirut (61.65) is about the same as Dubai’s (67.98), the local purchasing power in Dubai is 218% (116.77) higher than that of Beirut (53.61). This shows that current real estate prices in Lebanon are considered elevated when paralleled to the purchasing power of the real estate sector’s target audience.

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