Online live tutoring services provider MySchoolPage™ comes to students’ aid as schools shut down in the MENA region


MySchoolPage™, the leading global online platform for one-on-one personalized tutoring based in Dubai, has proven to be of great help to parents and students alike, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent shutdown of schools.

As new COVID-19 cases spread around the world; the MENA region has implemented social distancing to prevent the rapid spread of the disease. The virus has appeared in most countries in the Middle East & North Africa, which has led to governments closing offices and educational institutions in an attempt to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. These school closures have impacted the majority of the student population in the region, forcing educators, parents, and students to think outside of the box, paving a new way of online learning in the 21st century.

MySchoolPage™, the leading global online platform for one-on-one personalized tutoring, has proven to be of added value, to parents and students alike, while the region faces COVID-19. 

MySchoolPage is offering live video streaming of classes with a high level of interactivity, including a whiteboard. It has a team of academic experts who understands the student’s learning requirements and stitches a lesson plan to suit each student’s needs. MySchoolPage™ has expanded its services into the rest of the MENA region earlier this year, catering to all school curriculums, including those in Arabic. MySchoolPage™ has helped more than 2,000 students achieve scholastic success. 

The presence of MySchoolPage™ in the region has grown dramatically during this time, with user registrations doubling in March, compared to the previous months. Mathematics, English and Arabic being the most sought-after subjects. MySchoolPage offers complete coverage of subjects taught across multiple curriculums including AP, IB, Cambridge, IGCSE, ICSE and CBSE.      

According to Dana Jandhyala, Founder & CBO of MySchoolPage™, “its secret sauce is the customized learning plan based on each student’s needs, periodic assessments, and curated learning resources.”

“While we hope that the students will soon be able to go back to their schools , let’s make sure that education is not adversely affected during this crisis or in its aftermath. Investing in education not only provides normalcy for our children, but it also fuels the skills and talents that will be needed to function in society.” Said Venky Jandhyala, Co-Founder & Director, MySchoolPage™.

For Ashna Nizar, a Dubai student who completed her 12th grade last year in flying colors, it has been a rewarding journey. “I have had some amazing tutors who helped set strong foundations to all my subjects. We covered the syllabus well in time before exams and had many practice tests. And be it extra study materials or worksheets, the team was always at my beck and call.”

About MySchoolPage: 

MySchoolPage™ is an online one-to-one personalized live tutoring service for K-12 students of 30+ international curriculums, revolutionizing the tutoring process by ensuring that the student’s lesson plans and schedules are customized to the needs of each student. Academic experts are put in place to ensure the tutoring processes are tailor-made for the student in order to ensure academic success.