Over 1,700 new teachers join the GEMS family for 2017-18 session

Sunny Varkey welcoming 1700 new teachers at GEMS Awareness Day

New members of the teaching fraternity introduced to UAE’s culture and GEMS Education’s mission

Sunny Varkey welcoming 1700 new teachers at GEMS Awareness Day

Dubai, UAE: Over 1,700 teachers from around the world were inducted into the GEMS Education network of schools at what was one of the largest teacher induction events of its kind for K-12 schools in the country.

The annual event, GEMS Awareness Day, organised in association with TELLAL, (Teacher Learning and Leadership for All) Institute, provided an opportunity for new teachers to meet members of the senior leadership team, hear from colleagues and get an introduction to the entire network of GEMS Education.

TELLAL is the first licensed dedicated teacher training institute in the UAE in partnership with GEMS Education.

Commenting on the role of teachers, Sunny Varkey, Founder and Chairman, GEMS Education, said: “I believe teaching is a calling, a vocation and not simply a job. By joining the GEMS family your passion for this noble profession should transform yourself into a master-practitioner, and that coupled with strong partnerships with parents will enable the children you teach to succeed.”

The conference after the opening address had new members participating in a series of presentations and workshops providing them with insights into the wider themes of the UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda and GEMS Education. These included UAE Culture and Arabic language; Wellbeing; Inclusion; and Innovation.

Among the prominent presenters who moderated these sessions were Nasif Kayed aka The Arab Culturalist; Andrew Hallam, bestselling author of Millionaire Teacher; Linda Bonnar, life coach and author of Press Play; Rick Bhullar, personal trainer and creator of Dubai Fit Challenge; Heidi Jones, nutritionist and Integrative Health Coach; Sue Padmore, Head of Inclusion at Jumeriah Primary School; Yousef Omar, Heba ElHelbawi and Wassim Wagdy, from The Sharek Centre, London; and the GEMS Innovation, Research and Development Team.

Dino Varkey, Chief Executive Officer, GEMS Education, who welcomed the new teachers on behalf of the Varkey family, said: “I represent the third generation of educators across our school network whose sole vision is to put quality education within the reach of every child. Students can be a powerful force to change the world tomorrow and by joining our family, you become part of this incredible movement.”

For teachers who arrived in the UAE for the first time, presentations and useful guidance on living and settling into the UAE were also organised to help them integrate easily within the new environment. The discussions covered a wide range of topics including UAE Governance, cultural sensitivity, etiquette, and activities residents can be involved in their spare time.

In addition, an open Network Leader session was held where the attendees had the opportunity to interact with subject network leaders to learn about more about their individual subjects in this region and promote collaboration across schools, within GEMS Education.

TELLAL offers professional development courses and opportunities to GEMS teachers and also offers complete life-cycle of training and development for all teachers and leaders across the UAE.

About GEMS Education:

GEMS Education is a pioneering education company. Through our schools, consulting practice and our charitable foundation we are advancing education for all. Every day in our schools around the world, we prepare thousands of children of all ages for real world success. We are a catalyst and delivery partner. We work with governments, donor agencies and private clients to improve education systems, and provide vital training for young people in an increasingly competitive world. Through the Varkey Foundation we campaign for, and support initiatives that change lives through education.

About TELLAL Institute:

At TELLAL, we firmly believe that learning takes place best when it is a shared project, and when teachers and leaders feel supported in their schools. We are committed to collaborative ways of working and believe that school-centred and situated learning provides the best context for individual learning and professional development.

We offer a complete life-cycle of training and development for all teachers and leaders. Each of our teacher training, professional development and leadership programmes is founded on our practice-based approach. Real-life application of theory is integral  to success inside and outside of the classroom, and  we support all of our learners to develop the skills to become critically self-reflective practitioners able to take control of their own personal development  and practice.