Paladion to Help Companies Manage Security Risks in the Financial Sector at QCB Information Security Conference


The event which will be held in Doha, Qatar, will shed light on information security, the challenges it faces, and infrastructure improvements

Amit Roy, executive vice president and regional head for EMEA at Paladion
Amit Roy, executive vice president and regional head for EMEA at Paladion

Dubai, UAE: Paladion, the leading Cyber Security management provider, has announced that it will participate at Qatar Central Bank’s 3rd Annual Information Security Conference for the Financial Sector. The event, which will be held in Doha, Qatar, on November 1, 2016, at Sheraton Doha, will see Paladion showcasing its agile CyberActive security management framework using machine learning, big data platform and artificial intelligence binding with highly specialized skills to assist clients in faster detection, prevention and mitigation of known and unknown attacks.

“In the new digital economy, security is the foundation for agility, innovation, and growth. Financial organisations without effective security practices adopt digital capabilities more slowly and realise fewer benefits. Hence, the company will be exhibiting from booth number B2 and will throw the spotlight on its CyberActive SOC/MSS model. This would involve next generation machine learning-based predictive security analytics and intelligence platform driven cyber security management. In addition, it will also include alerting and orchestration using our security analytics and orchestration platform Risk Vu ADR/AVO,” explained Amit Roy, Executive Vice President and Regional Head for EMEA at Paladion.

Roy further added that “Paladion’s presence at the QCB Information Security Conference comes as part of its efforts to work collaboratively and build relationships with industry stakeholders to promote and encourage continued innovation in the field of Cyber security. The conference will also provide an excellent platform to raise awareness as well as educate users about the best practices. During the event, the company will stress on why organisations must build cybersecurity into their digital solutions as a foundational element, rather than trying to ‘bolt it on’ as an afterthought”.

“Cyber criminals never use known malware or hacking techniques to penetrate a company’ defense and never utilise automated cracker technologies to do the job. Hence, we have created the CyberActive model into our solutions, which binds security talent that thinks like cyber attackers with a proprietary platform, which is built to enhance and support the analysts’ capabilities. Our CyberActive model uses anticipatory threat intelligence from Paladion’s global network of virtually connected security operations centers to help you prevent attacks and achieve better cyber resiliency,” Roy said.

This year, the QCB Information Security Conference will mark its third edition. This conference will continue the discussions that took place at the first and second conferences for Information Security in Financial Institutions in 2014 and 2015. Entitled “Challenges and Solutions,” the two previous conferences drew large audiences and achieved the goals that were set for them. The topics discussed resonated widely, with many participants expressing the desire to continue the discourse.

“Paladion has a unique position as a thought leader in cyber security. Because of the number of clients we work with, who depend on our solutions to keep security threats at bay, we’re able to synthesize threat data far faster than your organisation could ever do it alone. We are excited to be participating at the event to showcase our best of breed, proven security solutions for the regional financial industry,” concluded Roy.

About Paladion:

Paladion is a specialized partner for information risk management to organizations across industries in Asia, US, and the Middle East. Paladion is rated as a ‘pure-play’ information risk management partner in Asia and is also a Gartner rated managed security provider in the Middle East.

For over a decade, Paladion has been actively managing information risks for over 700 customers. Paladion provides a complete spectrum of information risk management comprising security assurance, compliance, governance, monitoring, security analytics and security management services to large and medium-sized organizations. Paladion also offers a suite of security intelligence products for global enterprises and Cloud Managed Security Services for mid-market organizations. Paladion’s offerings have been recognized and awarded by Gartner, Asian Banker, and Red Herring amongst others. Paladion is also actively involved in several information risk management research forums and has published many books on the topic.