Dubai, UAE: Founder and CEO of Passport Legacy Jeffrey Henseler, alongside Gina Orsatti and Pedro Nhamirre, announce the upcoming launch of Orfanato Goodwill (Goodwill Orphanage) in the village of Vilankulo, Mozambique. The orphanage sits as a non-profit and non-governmental association based in Mozambique and Switzerland, the structure is set to finish construction in July 2022. 

Upon its completion, the orphanage will house up to 40 children from the village, providing them with a fixed weekly schedule including attending school and setting aside time for homework, while also learning life skills like cooking and of course enjoying some free time to interact with other children and enjoy the day. In cooperation with the GEA (Gabinete da Esposa do Administrador), the orphanage is provided access to houses that will be turned into a place of love and joy for the children in addition to having running water and electricity throughout the houses. Safety and security are ensured to be a top priority and a wall surrounding the property is in place as well as security 24/7 to ensure the children’s safety.  

Mozambique has around 1.5 million orphans. Due to challenging living conditions, people live on the outskirts of the city and are not privy to even a birth certificate. These circumstances result in children not having access to education, healthcare or protection. They are then forced to turn to unfortunate and abusive methods.

Founder and CEO of Passport Legacy, Jeffrey Henseler said “It was always my dream to be able to contribute to social work. When I was 19, I had the privilege to be involved in a project in South Africa where we were building a kindergarten. I really loved that experience and wanted to do something similar to that long term, so when Gina went to Mozambique, we saw it as a great opportunity and decided to do it together with Pedro.” 

The orphanage has generated $108,000 from donations, 70% of which have originated from Passport Legacy as the primary donor. These efforts came from a place of passion to ensure that children are not forced to work in fields, markets, as shoe cleaners, as beggars, or in any type of unsuitable and unjust environment. GoodWill Mozambique is not only providing housing and school but protection and a way to better the futures of these young children. These philanthropic efforts are notable and admirable as they aim to provide underprivileged children with a better future.  

GoodWill Mozambique campaigns for needy children, families and individuals in the village of Vilankulo, Mozambique.

About Passport Legacy:  

Founded by Jeffrey Henseler, Passport Legacy is a Swiss boutique firm with over 25 years of combined experience in the residency and citizenship-by-investment industry. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE with supporting global offices in Nigeria, Pakistan and Lebanon, Passport Legacy is a CBI company providing a range of tailored professional services to its private clients including the acquisition of alternative residences or citizenship as well as real estate. Through its highly-knowledgeable and experienced Client advisors, who are available to call and text 24/7, Passport Legacy facilitates access to over 150 countries.

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