Path Solutions is the recipient of FINTECH Prize in two categories


Path Solutions, the global Islamic banking software company, today announced it has been awarded ‘Best Islamic Fintech Solution Provider’, whereas Mohammed Kateeb, the company’s Group Chairman & CEO won the ‘Islamic Fintech Leader Of The Year’ award of the FINTECH Prize 2020.

Kateeb is an industry veteran with over 30 years of experience having served in various leadership positions driving organizations’ innovation and transformation agendas. He has an unparalleled expertise in applied AI in financial services and assisting organizations to adapt to fintech, as well as offering knowledge into cutting-edge financial technologies to keep organisations technologically current for a more inclusive financial system. He is a founding member of some of the world’s leading incubators and advises fintech hubs on identifying, incubating and scaling new transformational businesses while utilizing emerging technologies such as Digital, AI, ML and Big Data.

“We are honored to be the winners of the FINTECH Prize in two different categories”, commented Kateeb. “The ongoing global pandemic has speeded up digital transformation, underlining the need for deep flexibility for adaptive innovation. Path Solutions clearly displays that capability, creating some of the most impactful technology for the digital financial ecosystem. We are excited to build on this momentum and continue to serve and benefit the banking industry”.

FINTECH Prize Committee recognized Path Solutions as the Islamic banking software company with the winning combination of the most advanced digital technology and the richest and broadest in terms of Islamic functionality. In early 2020, Path Solutions launched two new platforms, Path Digital and Path Intelligence, bringing to market the leading solutions for the new era of banking. By re-certifying its core banking platform by AAOIFI the same year, Path Solutions proved to be the ideal Islamic banking solutions partner of Islamic and non-Islamic banks alike.

“Winners of the FINTECH Prize 2020 are quite impressive. My heartiest congratulations to all and I wish them continued success in 2020 and beyond”, said Mustafa Kugu, President of FASTER Community. “Path Solutions leadership in innovation has differentiated it from the competition. The company is embedding the most advanced digital intelligence-driven tools into its Islamic software suite, with innovative approaches to driving growth and customer value. It deserves even greater recognition given the unprecedented challenges of 2020”, he said.

The FINTECH Prize Committee announcedthe 2020 winnersacross 15 categories via video stream on Thursday 3 December. The Awards shine a spotlight on fintech revolutionists and innovators, and fintech companies that have made sizeable contributions to the sector with their innovative approach and capacity to shape the financial services industry. The jury, an international group of executives and industry experts, selected the winners from a pool of 300 submissions received from fintechs and fintech executives. The scale of nominations indicates the huge investments and focus on innovation by fintechs across the globe.

About Path Solutions:

Path Solutions is a global leader in next-generation digital solutions and services to the innovation-led Islamic finance ecosystem. The company is a pioneer in utilizing the latest technology to serve Islamic financial institutions worldwide with its embedded Open Banking Platform (OBP).

Path Solutions is firmly positioned at the forefront of its field and supports an international installed base of over 150 Islamic financial institutions, spanning more than 40 countries, ranging from Tier 1 Islamic banks to small microfinance institutions, to help them achieve tangible business value from their IT investment.

About FASTER Community:

FASTER Community, the organizer of FINTECH Prize, is a large technology community that develops C-level business leaders and professionals’ networks. FASTER stands for: Fintech, AI, Startup, Software, Security, Telco, and Ecommerce. The company focuses on digitalization and the digital economy.