Paving the Future of Safe Roads in Africa

VITRONIC presents innovative and interconnected solutions for more safety at GITEX Africa 2023 in Marrakesh
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — For decades, Africa has been one of the most dangerous continents for road users, initiatives over the past years emerge in many African countries to improve road safety for all road users – and VITRONIC systems play a huge part in it.

With the challenges road safety brings to countries, nations all over Africa have pushed the topic to the top of their agenda. A key component of every strategy remains to be traffic enforcement, which is an effective measure against the main causes of traffic fatalities. Studies show that traffic enforcement will be a game-changer in battling the main reasons for traffic-related deaths and indicate investment potential and need for countries.

For that reason, VITRONIC presents its innovative solutions for traffic enforcement and smart traffic management at GITEX Africa 2023 in Morocco. Systems from the POLISCAN produce line improve the safety of all road users by monitoring free-flowing traffic.

In addition to that, a wide range of applications will be presented to show the opportunities for future traffic management in Africa. A Smart City unites cutting-edge technologies from the areas of energy, mobility, and communication to enhance the quality of life for residents. A sustainable use of resources is the goal. In this context, existing traffic infrastructure collects data which can be used for traffic management. Efficient traffic flows, improved air quality and human safety are the result. The presented traffic technology from VITRONIC helps to gain insights from traffic and environmental data. A recent innovation that has never been presented before will create the experience how data comes to life at the exhibition.