The unique jewelry art pieces showcase inspired bold designs and impeccable craftsmanship using rare gemstones and precious metals

Dubai, UAE: Pavit Gujral, an award-winning jewelry designer and a gemologist, launches her high-jewelry brand, ‘Pavit Gujral Designs’ in the UAE. Her collection offers bespoke, one-of-a-kind pieces made from rare and valuable gemstones. Located in Dubai Design District, Pavit Gujral offers a personalized experience to the discerning clients at her studio looking for truly magnificent, bespoke and iconic jewelry pieces.

“I don’t follow the trend. Each design I create is inspiring and trendsetting!” – said Pavit Gujral, CEO & Head Designer at Pavit Gujral Designs.

Pavit Gujral’s designs have been recognized with prestigious awards including the Saul Bell Design Awards that was organized by Rio Grande in the US and the IJ Jeweller’s Choice Design Awards in India. Her works were also chosen to be featured amongst the ‘The Contemporary Jewel as never seen before’ by Artistar Jewels, Milan for the Milan Jewelry Week. The pieces are extravagant, handcrafted with passion and creativity, and made using the best grade of stones and diamonds. Each collection tells a story, leaves a legacy, and sets trends creating a new wave of innovative concepts in the jewellery design industry. Some of the most iconic and award-winning designs include:

Dancing Fish Necklace – AED 321,100

The glorious necklace was inspired by the magnificent and angelic Betta Fish, with its shape reflecting a dance that the fish creates in water. Set in 18K gold with over 4,000 stones – rubies grading into pink sapphires and diamonds, the glittering piece is completed with a pear-shaped brilliant tanzanite representing the deep blue ocean: A sole piece of art, that is set to draw fascination with its beauty and unique design.

The Black Forest Necklace – AED 297,200

The Black Forest Necklace is very special to the designer as it has been beautifully created with ancestral gemstones. Set in 18K black rhodium plated gold with oval black star diopsides, the piece also features rhodolite garnet cabochons, beads, and over 50 carats of round brilliant diamonds micro-pavé set, to give the piece exceptional brilliance. The choker showcases a Victorian style and is paired with matching earrings and a ring.

Coral Ring – AED 37,600

Inspired by Pavit Gujral’s scuba diving adventures, the Coral ring is a delicate yet beautiful representation of the coral reefs. The ring is set in 18K gold with tsavorite garnet, and trillion diamonds embedded in an Ethiopian white opal. 

Appointments can be booked with the studio located at B202 Building 4, Dubai Design District. For more information, please visit and follow the brand on Instagram @pavitgujraldesigns for the latest updates.

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