PayBy partners with NT.Payments to further expand UAE footprint and drive financial inclusion

  • PayBy top-ups and repayments can now also be done using cash at NT.Payments kiosks
  • The partnership will increase financial inclusion and digital payments in UAE

Dubai, UAE: Innovative fintech company PayBy has announced a new partnership with NT.Payments that significantly expands its footprint in the UAE. PayBy users can now top up their wallets, allowing to use a series of financial services, including repaying the credit bills, purchasing goods and services. NT.Payments has 4,500+ kiosks installed at high footfall locations across the country. Users may find the location of the nearest payment kiosk on the NT.Payments official website, which will allow you to have access to your wallet replenishment whenever and wherever you are. 

Post top-up, PayBy users can avail a range of digital payment services. These include paying for utilities and government services, paying their mobile bill, transferring money to friends and family members, contactless and cashless payments online, on delivery and in retail stores.

PayBy’s strategic partnership with NT.Payments will enhance the user experiences and also expand its user base. Through the NT.Payments kiosks, even those with little or no access to financial services – usually low or mid-income individuals – can convert cash into digital money, and access an array of financial services. 

Roman Krasitskii, Director of Commercial Department, NT.Payments, said: “The partnership with PayBy further strengthens our capabilities and expands our user base. NT.Payments kiosks are user-friendly, multi-lingual and ubiquitous in the UAE, installed at malls, high streets, popular eating joints, and tourist destinations, among other places. PayBy customers can access a wider range of services in many more locations now.”

The partnership with NT.Payments is aligned with PayBy’s commitment to UAE Vision 2021, prioritising the shift to a cashless society. Nearly three-fourths (70%) of the UAE population have pivoted to cashless methods to pay for groceries, utilities and restaurant bills, as these are considered more hygienic, safe and secure. This was among the key findings of a landmark study conducted by PayBy on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the payment landscape in the UAE.  

PayBy has also been added to the Abu Dhabi Pay platform, so residents and citizens can use PayBy when completing digital government services and transactions through TAMM, the integrated Abu Dhabi government services platform. 

About PayBy:
PayBy is a fintech company with world-class payment infrastructure that provides a fast, secure, AI-powered, one-stop payment solution. The company is committed to offering unified and inclusive financial services for everyday work and life, connecting with people around the world. PayBy collaborates with a variety of leading institutions, enterprises, and e-commerce platforms, as trusted partners.