Perfect Corp. Launches AI-Powered Virtual Background Changer, Further Enhancing the Market-Leading Virtual Try-on Experience


The new seamless background feature, paired with virtual try-on, empowers brands to create fully immersive virtual customer journeys with strong branding.

UAE, Dubai: Perfect Corp., the leading artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) beauty and fashion tech solutions provider, today introduced AI Virtual Background Changer as the newest AI-powered solution helping brands to create hyper-engaged consumer shopping experiences. Perfect Corp.s newest SaaS solution uses powerful AI segmentation technology to create fully immersive branded virtual environments through AI and AR technologies, enhancing the virtual try-on experience and inviting consumers to connect with brands in a whole new way.

Creating Immersive Branded Moments with AI and AR – Powered Live Virtual Background Changer

The best-in-class foreground and background segmentation technology uses real-time, jitter-free tracking to place customers in interactive branded environments, transporting shoppers to any location or environment with a tap. The live background solution allows brands to create both static (online experience) and animated (in-store experience) designs, unleashing another creative way to interact with shoppers. This immersive digital experience is compatible with virtual makeup, earrings, and glasses try-on, with more categories to be added in the near future. The fully customizable tool offers unlimited aesthetics, allowing brands to tailor the digital environment to match their physical store or individual brand vision, be that seasonal, product-specific, or to celebrate a trending moment.

A Unique Shoppertainment Experience

We are thrilled to introduce the new AI Virtual Background Changer as part of our SaaS solutions, further expanding our market-leading service offerings,” said Perfect Corp. Founder and CEO, Alice Chang. We are excited to help brands lean into the digital transformation and embrace the power of AI and AR by providing a seamless and effective way to deliver a next-generation immersive branded shopping experiences along their consumer shopping journey.”

For more information on how your brand can integrate the AI Virtual Background Changer to create an immersive branded moment, please visit this website or contact Perfect Corp.’s sales team.