Petromin Tristar emerges as the No. 1 choice for multi-brand vehicles


Brand’s specialized workshops in Saudi Arabia offers top-notch service, safety, and maintenance features, with an aim to be the market leader

Jeddah: Classic cars are a passion for Engineer Tariq Al Noori. It is a unique pastime requiring investments in time, energy, money, emotions, and most importantly, commitment. Classic cars are not just automobiles, they narrate a story of the evolution of time, the incredible progress made in the world of automobiles, and detail the lives and passions of the designers, manufacturers, and owners through it.

Once a former engineer with Saudi Telecom Company (STC), Al Noori is an independent practitioner today who lovingly details every relevant feature of the numerous classic cars that he owns.  “I have a Ford Model A, an Imperial 1961, and a Cadillac ’78 convertible,” he stated, “And the ownership of these cars, especially the Imperial 1961, charted out my association with Petromin Tristar.”

Al Noori classifies his association with Petromin Tristar as, “Excellent! I have been associated with Tristar before it was acquired by Petromin. With the acquisition, Petromin Tristar has become a powerful brand. I had a few problems with the transmission in one of my vehicles and they fixed it. The maintenance of a classic car, or any car for that matter, can only be done by very qualified professionals. In this respect, Petromin Tristar is looking towards the future. They don’t just repair transmissions but do bodywork and provide various other services as well.”

Speaking about Petromin Tristar, Bander Al Junaidi, Transformation Director at Petromin Corporation and Acting GM at Petromin Tristar, said emphatically, “We aim to be the market leader, role model, and No 1 trusted repair center for the classic cars owners.

“Petromin Tristar looks upon classic cars as a very important category in our vertical. We are more than capable to serve this category having gained the trust of classic car owners with our level of commitment, quality, and technical skills. These are important qualities for us given that classic car owners are very particular about their vehicles. They treat them like their own babies. These old cars need constant attention, from bodywork, rebuilding transmissions and engines, and even ordering parts for the owners. Providing personalized attention is vital because we understand the owner’s concerns regarding the level of service, safety, and maintenance in our facilities. We provide a one-stop solution to all their needs.”

Classic car owners find it tough to get access to expert workshops for maintenance of their vehicles, with many of them preferring to repair their vehicles at home, Al Noori has been lucky saying, “I have had a fruitful experience with Petromin Tristar. Everyone genuinely cares for the vehicles – from the workshop manager to other qualified technicians. Petromin Tristar’s services are specialized and personalized.”

Al Junaidi added, “While Tristar is well-known for maintaining and serving the needs of classic car owners, it is important to note that we are a multi-brand advanced and specialized workshop. We essentially deal with all brands of cars. We are a one-stop solution not just for classic cars, but super and luxury cars, as well as commercial vehicles.

Elaborating on Petromin Tristar’s future plans, AlJunaidi talked about Petromin Corporation’s recent agreement with the Saudi Arabian Motorsport and Motorcycle Federation (SAMF) saying, “The agenda for this agreement covers a lot of future ambitions for Petromin Tristar. We are looking at the automotive sector in Saudi Arabia from various angles. Tristar’s goal is to be the top specialized workshop for multi-brand cars. Earlier people had only one option which was car dealerships. Tristar has now emerged as a benchmark for multi-brand outlets offering comprehensive maintenance solutions to all auto brands for retail and fleet customers.”