Pierre Marcolini launches his new collection “Citrus Garden”


The “Citrus Garden” is the latest collection of Marcolini’s creations that inspires vibrant fruity flavors. A gentle breeze carries the scent of fragrant citrus zest flowing from the Maison Pierre Marcolini workshop. 

In past years, Pierre Marcolini’s recipes have featured exotic citrus fruits from Asia like Yuzu, Buddaha’s hand and Sudachi. Now, the artisan of chocolate looks to Europe’s finest citrus fruits to tingle our taste buds.

This year, Marcolini has combined the flavors of oranges, lemons from Nice. Each flavor has its own unique aroma, tenderness and hint of bitter zest. While its intense freshness is brought out in compotes, infusion and candied peel to create delicious chocolates and summer treats. 

Pierre Marcolini’s collection “Citrus Garden” is bursting with the essence of irresistible fruits, bringing to mind the Dolce Vita and carrying us away to an Iberian garden, or evoking the sweet perfume of a sunbathed Cote d’Azur.  

Pierre Marcolini has worked with 100% candied fruits: tender grapefruit flesh, refreshing lemon zest, bald ginger and they’re all wrapped in a layer of Maison chocolate: Cuba-Sao Tomé blend, or pure Sao-Tomé. (110g – 75 AED. Use by: 3 months). 

“Keep the sweet treats in the fridge to enjoy them chilled”. A tip from Pierre Marcolini. 

There is also a moist recipe which is infused with Seville orange, tangy lemon, and aromatic grapefruit, accompanied by a touch of ginger. The sponge is bursting with freshness and paired with an alluring icing. “Using candied fruit in a cake really brings out their bold flavor”, Marcolini’s tip. 

(380g – 85 AED. Best before: 15 days) 

About Citrus 

Citrus is a collective term for fruit-bearing trees like oranges, mandarines, lemons, pummelos, kumquats… They are trees belonging to the genus citrus, and for the fruits of these same trees. 

As for their types, they are: Bergamot, lemon combava and caviar lemon, kumquat, lime chinotto, tangerine, grapefruit, yuzu, hassaku, sudachi…  

Citrus Anatomy

The peel, called zest in cooking, is colored and loaded with essential oils – the famous citrus notes in perfumes. The Albedo in botany and zest in the kitchen, is white, nearly thick, spongy and bitter. Inside the fruit is the pulp, which is divided into quarters, which are separated into small vesicles known as “juicy sacs”. Some citrus fruits contain little or no juice. 

Pierre Marcolini specializes in making luxury chocolate. In 1995, Marcolini founded his Maison Pierre Marcolini boutique, and he reached the pinnacle of success due to his hard work and mastery. Marcolini is known for his selection of the finest cocoa beans from all over the world. He also participated in many pastry competitions and won the award for the best chef in the world. Also, his shop in Dubai Mall is highly popular with chocolate lovers.