PINZA! rolling out its signature dough at 50 Bakeria locations at Emarat petrol stations


Dubai: KCG, the parent company of locally grown PINZA! collaborated with Emarat to take the quality and options of service-station food a notch above in Dubai and the Northern Emirates. PINZA! will be gradually rolling out around 50 locations starting this month. 

Customers will have 50 more opportunities to taste the modern foodie’s answer to a wholesome, guilt-free, and ridiculously delicious, hand-kneaded crust. Made out of 80% water and 20% flour, PINZA!’s signature dough ensures that a crisp, light, easy-to-digest, healthier, and tastier option will now be available across Emarat service stations. 

Tamer Elkhayat, CEO of KCG, said: “The collaboration with Emarat is reflective of our commitment to bringing healthy and tasty PINZA! to all health-conscious foodies in Dubai and the Northern Emirates. PINZA! Is the tastiest and healthiest pizza on the market, and we are now thrilled to be reaching a wider customer base through this partnership. We look forward to sharing our unique, nutritious, and tasty offerings, served best straight out of the oven, at Bakeria branches across Emarat stations and changing the narrative of fast food being unhealthy.”

Ali Khalifa Bin Shaheen Ali Al Shamsi, Emarat’s Director General, said: “Leading the corporation into exciting times of growth means encouraging our teams to make bold choices while answering to the demands of the market for excellent and honest products. Emarat, as a federal government cooperation, takes pride in finding and empowering sustainable and locally grown ventures as they show that the UAE has some outstanding, homegrown talent.” 

Christoph Winkel, Manager of Emarat’s Bakeria commented enthusiastically: “As a passionate food and beverage professional, I have always been aware of PINZA! and what they are doing in the industry, so when the opportunity came around to partner with them and serve their incredible product at our locations, I honestly couldn’t have been more thrilled. I am excited to offer their deliciously healthy Pinzas at our Bakeria locations across Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates.”

Faisal Yabroudi, COO of KCG, stated: “When we started Pinza!, we set out to bake the finest pizza dough the UAE, and possibly the world, has experienced. With this collaboration, we are looking forward to exploring the possibilities of the consumer-based, grab-and-go retail environment with Emarat. Through this 50-store roll-out, customers will now be able to enjoy PINZA! freshly baked while they top up on their petrol. Our aim has always been to offer food that is wholesome, flavourful, nutritious, and delicious, and now, we have the opportunity to share our ethos with a vast market across Dubai and the Northern Emirates.”

PINZA!’s experts scoured Italy for the best-cured meats, such as the bresaola and beef pepperoni, and the best Italian tomatoes and cheeses, all of which distinguish PINZA! from the competition. Additionally, all the vegetables are sourced locally when possible, ensuring that only the freshest, GMO-free veggies and herbs are selected for the toppings.

About Emarat:

Emarat is a multi-channel power and energy company with a much-loved network of service stations and fuel depots across Dubai and the Northern Emirates. Emarat meets the day-to-day petrol and LPG needs of millions of people while also helping to keep the engines of the industry running with fleet solutions, aviation fuel, and commercial fuel services.

About Bakeria:

Bakeria is a food and beverage vendor located across Emarat sites in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, providing customers with a wide range of products from hot and cold drinks to hot soups and freshly prepared sandwiches, plus cooked-to-order pizzas. At Bakeria, we believe in consistently serving only the highest quality products.

About KCG:

KCG is the parent company behind award-winning global food concepts such as PINZA! and By PINZA! brands (as well as many more). Founded in 2015 by high-school friends Tamer Elkhayat and Faisal Yabroudi, who collectively have the same passion, drive and vision – to change the narrative that ‘fast food is unhealthy’. At KCG, we create, manage and operate food concepts that push boundaries. We focus on food that is wholesome, full of flavour, nutritious and delicious.

About PINZA!:

Not a pizza, not a flatbread, PINZA! is in a class all of its own. And rightly so. It is the modern foodie’s answer to a wholesome, guilt-free and ridiculously delicious, hand-kneaded crust. The secret is the 80% water to 20% flour, this ensures a crisp, light, easy-to-digest, healthier and tastier base! We scoured Italy for the best cured meats such as our bresaola and beef pepperoni, our Italian tomatoes, and all of our cheeses. Our vegetables are sourced locally when possible, ensuring that we select only the freshest GMO-free veggies and herbs for our toppings.