Power and productivity: Why the Galaxy Note20 Series is perfect for the multitasking lifestyles of today


Power and productivity. It’s the winning combination instrumental behind the success of the Galaxy Note20 Series and the satisfaction of consumers across the region. Note users have always been energized by work and inspired by play. And today, the two have been merged thanks to the next-generation features of the Note20 Series, which became a personal favorite for countless Galaxy enthusiasts overnight following its release several months ago. 

In the ever-evolving tech-driven landscape, the lines between work and play are increasingly blurring, and this is precisely why the Note20 Series was introduced – to ensure seamless compatibility between these two essential lifestyle areas. Multitasking hasn’t always been easy in years gone by, but the Note20 Series now makes it effortless. As a new and improved way to optimize time and maximize efficiency, devices part of this innovative range – the Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra 5GSeries – meet your every demand and support you in day-to-day life. Here’s why:

Different devices… together as one team 

Whether working remotely or in an office environment, professional life is often fast-paced and incredibly demanding. A host of tasks need completing in short timeframes – and utilizing multiple resources to maximize efficiency and maintain outstanding quality requires seamless multitasking. Fortunately, the Note20 Series has you covered! This is because smartphone and PC capabilities work together like never before, and you can integrate your smartphone with a computer or laptop anywhere, anytime. Transferring files, editing work, and responding to emails between devices has never been easier and mobile apps can also be accessed from your laptop or PC. What’s more, your newfound multitasking capabilities come with greater flexibility and convenience. Auto-save and syncing capabilities ensure work is never lost, and you can capture and share ideas across your phone, tablet, or Windows 10 PC. By linking devices your Windows 10 PC through ‘Link to Windows’, you also have greater power when connecting with friends, enjoying social media feeds, and playing games. Furthermore, Samsung DeX allows you wirelessly link up your TV to watch movies, refer to your phone for information while gaming on the big screen, or multitask with several apps while on the phone.

Boost productivity and transition between work and play like never before 

We all have plenty of creative potential waiting to be unlocked as we work and play. Today, the missing piece of the puzzle to harness your full capabilities has arrived! Every Note user will be familiar with the S Pen. However, the Note20 Series’ S Pen is somewhat different – it is the most powerful S Pen of all-time and the key to enhanced multitasking. New and improved from its predecessors and an invaluable addition to the Galaxy ecosystem, the S Pen is dynamic, flexible, and gives you the power to do more. When an idea comes to mind, you can write it down using the S Pen, without even unlocking your phone, and pin it to the screen or find it later in Samsung Notes. Notations with the S Pen instantly convert into text and the Audio Bookmark feature arranges notes taken when recording so you can revert between the two to boost productivity and improve performance. And thanks to the power of Bluetooth, this innovative accessory also morphs into a wireless controller for your phone for work or gaming purposes, enabling you to transition between different activities seamlessly.

Samsung Notes… upgraded 

We briefly touched on Samsung Notes moments ago and there’s a whole lot more to this feature than simply storing information. In fact, the Note20 Series has completely reimagined the Samsung Notes experience and greatly improved multitasking lifestyles. Taking notes and editing and managing them has never been easier, empowering you in professional life. PDF files and other materials can be directly imported into the app and given even more context with the S Pen, boosting multitasking ahead of a lesson, lecture, or meeting. What’s more, Samsung Notes enables you to get ahead while balancing work or education-related tasks because you can seamlessly export notes into various formats – be it a Word document, PDF file, or PowerPoint slide – to benefit yourself or others and maximize efficiency on multiple fronts.

Smooth and seamless transitions 

With an incredible 120Hz display, scrolling with the Note20 Series Ultra is silky smooth and touch interactions are incredibly responsive. Besides the S Pen feeling like you’re writing with a real pen, the display intelligently detects what you’re doing or attempting to do – automatically shifting the refresh rate and empowering you like never before. From a multitasking standpoint, the display is perfect because you can constantly transition between files, apps, and gaming levels in real-time and without delay, ensuring you remain one step ahead at all times.

Peace of mind when multitasking 

None of us want to be multitasking, only to be suddenly interrupted. It’s an experience we have all encountered before – and it’s an experience that never needs to be met again because of two vital components. Firstly, the Note20 Series’ intelligent all-day battery ensures you have power anywhere, anytime, for the entire day. And just to be certain, you’ll also be delighted that you can get a battery top-up of 50% with only 30 minutes’ worth of charging time. Secondly, cutting-edge speed is provided in every instance by the hyper fast processor and 5G connectivity, so you have reassurances that inconvenient delays when gaming or multitasking in personal or professional life are firmly in the past.