Progress in Algeria Processed Meat and Seafood Supply at Affordable Prices: Ken Research


Algeria is the second largest nation in North Africa. Algeria’s financial and economic conditions improved during the mid 1990s. The economy of Algeria is dominated by the state. The country with great efforts has developed many industries other than petroleum industries. These industries attracted many foreign investments and employment growth was observed. Many of the country men were unemployed or had lower income that reduced their spending limit. With the increase in various industries, majority of young and women population were employed. The massive growth in food sector is due to the growth in nation’s economy. The year 2017 will witness a drastic growth in processed meat and seafood industry for its huge demand.

Majority of the working women preferred processed food due to less time to prepare quick meals. The best alternative foods to use in their daily nutrition are processed foods due to increasing desire for convenience and easy-to-prepare.

The popularity of processed meat and seafood in Algeria continued to be driven principally by the demand for staple foods at more affordable prices. Therefore, processed meat and seafood are extremely encouraged in Algeria. The new lifestyle patterns and increase in convenience for the processed meat and seafood led to the development in this sector in 2016. Many branded companies increased their investment in this sector and the sales growth was encouraged by a rising number of modern traditional grocery stores selling these products.

Processed meat and seafood is a highly uneven category in Algeria. Bellat – Conserverie des Viandes d’Algérie is the best performer in processed meat such as poultry, beef, sausages, and so on. This company offers a variety of products and has a longstanding existence in the market with an extensive distribution network.

In the year 2016, Algeria witness increase and decrease in the sales of processed meat and seafood. Increase in sales, recorded a healthy retail volume and value sales growth but decrease in sales was purely due to unemployment as a result of economic crisis. In the coming years, the growth of processed meat and seafood in Algeria is expected to remain strong both in value and volume terms. The growth in this sector will be driven by the rise in prices over the coming years and volume growth will be driven by modernization. The expected population growth and busier lifestyle is projected to increase. This will further strengthen consumer appreciation for the growth of processed meat and seafood in Algeria.

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