Provident Estate To Sponsor The Venice Film Festival, On Their Ninth Italian Sales Event This Year


Sales Events are becoming a prominent business
force within the Real Estate industry and Provident Estate are leading.
From September the 4th to the 6th, the company will hold its ninth Italian event in
Venice, Italy. This roadshow will be Provident Estate’s first standalone event with
no developer present, which allows the company to present an extensive
selection of investment opportunities under a diverse range of projects in the

With the continuous unpredictable global economy, Dubai has become a stable
financial environment for investors. The sector is now thriving, with property
transactions totaling AED 285 billion in the first half of 2023. Investors are looking
for financial certainty, which Dubai provides, as there are no signs of a decrease in
the economy.
Europeans are among the growing number of foreign investors entering Dubai’s
real estate industry. The goal of a roadshow is to inform and enlighten these
prospective investors about the market and the various investment opportunities
available face to face.

Since the company is holding its 9th event in Italy in 2023, there is a proven track
record of success with these roadshows. In addition to Venice, Provident Estate
has established a presence in Naples, Milan, Rome, Udine, Monaco, and Forte Dei
Marmi. Five days are dedicated to meeting, teaching, and presenting to potential

“The reason why these events are obtaining this huge
success is clear. We have created a model that minimizes
investors’ costs while maximizing their returns; and most
importantly we go meet foreign investors in person with the
aim of educating them about how they can generate high
ROE in a short period of time while investing with our
group.” says Alessandro de Rubertis, Provident’s Italian
Sales Events representative.

Provident Real Estate builds relationships. As a result, the company representative
will give potential investors who seek more information and assistance two days
to meet with them after each roadshow. To provide a seamless and easy
experience, it is crucial for Provident Estate to walk these investors through the
entire investing process.
Having presence in other nations, notably Italy, is a significant accomplishment for
a real estate company in the UAE. By physically being in their country, the
company can more effectively educate overseas investors about potential

In addition to this, Provident Real Estate will also be one of the sponsors at the
prestigious ‘The Mostra d’Arte Cinematografica’, at the Venice Biennale.
This widely recognised film festival has welcomed more than 800,000 guests from
all around the world since it first opened its doors in 1932. Its status as one of the
most significant cinema events worldwide is cemented by the fact that it is the
oldest and most well-known for hosting world premieres, artistic innovation, and
critical acclaim.
Participating in one of the greatest international events demonstrates Provident
Estate’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry.

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