Pukka Herbal Education Specialist Holly Huntley gives you three tips for a better night sleep


With the lack of sufficient sleep being a public health epidemic in 2020, the health and wellness market is constantly evolving and nearly every industry is looking at sleep as a crucial component to overall wellness and avoidance of chronic stress and burnout.

Here are some natural tips to help you drift off and sleep a little bit easier: 

  1. Create a sleep ritual

It’s quite unrealistic to expect your body to switch off especially after a busy day. Establishing a bedtime routine that’s realistic and sustainable can be really helpful so things like listening to a podcast, listening to a story can help you move over from a busy mind into one of relaxation

  1. Natural solutions

People that really struggle sleeping should avoid caffeine. Herbal teas such as Valerian, Chamomile or Lavender really have lovely soothing properties that can help you switch off and calm the mind before bed

  1. Think about light

Research suggests that getting outside in the morning can be really helpful at setting your circadian rhythm which is your sleep wake cycle. If you’re going to be looking at your mobile phone, TV or any bright light, that’s going to be interfering with your melatonin level which is a hormone that is secreted towards the end of the night and which basically tells you that you need to go to bed. That’s why you need to reclaim your bedroom and make it a lovely sleeping haven. This could include removing any distractions, any bright lights and making sure that your room is nice, dark and ventilated.