Pure Health announces the success of Sheikh Khalifa Hospitals’ STEMI Clinical Integration Initiative in saving lives from heart attacks


STEMI Initiative helps track over 500 patients from heart complications in the past 18 months

United Arab Emirates: Sheikh Khalifa Hospitals, managed and operated under the umbrella of Pure Health – the largest integrated healthcare company in the UAE, has announced the success of the STEMI Clinical Integration initiative that aims to improve the care given to patients with vital heart complications and in particular, with ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) condition.

STEMI indicates a bad heart attack – where a major artery of the heart is entirely and abruptly blocked.  Epidemiological studies show that the global demographics of patients who experience STEMI are mainly males aged between 45 and 54. According to World Health Organization, 17.9 million people die each year from cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), an estimated 32% of all death worldwide, and 85% of all CVD death are due to heart attacks and strokes.

“There is no room for testing when a person’s life is at stake. We are proud to see the achievements of STEMI Network in the Northern Emirates, where we have one of the country’s best cardiology health facilities in Ras Al Khaimah,” said Dr. Abdul Majeed Al Zubaidi, Medical Advisor for Ministry of Presidential Affairs [MOPA] and Interventional Cardiology Consultant.

Allan Boston, CEO of The Medical Office at Pure Health, added: “Patient care is at the heart of this initiative and all Pure Health healthcare operations. The STEMI initiative’s success is reflected in this core value of delivering quality healthcare to patients through providing integrated, high quality and patient-centered services by addressing a population-based clinical services scheme to meet the needs of that defined population specifically.”

The STEMI Clinical Integration Initiative helps in streamlining the clinical and operational experience in the Sheikh Khalifa Hospitals in addition to neighboring hospitals. It seeks to protect the lives of STEMI patients in the UAE as well as offer them world-class care through the Cardiac Centre of Excellence at Sheikh Khalifa Specialty Hospital in Ras Al Khaimah.

Dr. Sumera Haque, Chief Medical Officer at The Medical Office, said: “As healthcare providers, we understand the importance and critical process of saving the life of STEMI patients as each second counts. The STEMI initiative aims at contributing to saving lives and improving the overall quality of healthcare in the UAE. Our robust clinical infrastructure helps in accommodating emergency care of STEMI patients from the moment they experience a heart attack, wherever they may be, to the moment they are admitted to the hospital and eventually placed under care, until full recovery.”

Since its launch in September 2020, the STEMI team has tracked more than 500 STEMI patients, 93 per cent of whom were male of an average age of 50 years. More than 82% have met the target time of lesser than 120 minutes from the instance a STEMI patient crosses a hospital door to the time they receive appropriate treatment in the Centre of Excellence at the Sheikh Khalifa Specialty Hospital.

Part of the Pure Health group, The Medical Office oversees the Sheikh Khalifa Hospitals and the healthcare facilities established under the initiatives of His Highness The President of the United Arab Emirates. The Medical Office is focused on achieving its vision of bringing together clinical knowledge, process expertise, technology, and analytics to deliver outcome-focused, world-class quality across all channels of healthcare delivery.

About Pure Health

Pure Health is an integrated healthcare solutions platform with a diversified portfolio of hospitals, clinics, health insurance, group procurement organisation (GPO), diagnostics services, medical supplies, and health technology services. Pure Health is committed to enhancing longevity and helping the people of the UAE live longer, happier and healthier lives. Its centres of excellence bring together clinical knowledge, process expertise, technology, and analytics to deliver outcome-focused, world-class quality across all channels of healthcare.

Pure Health’s integrated network of healthcare facilities across Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates consist of:

  • SEHA – Abu Dhabi Health Services company, one of the largest healthcare networks of hospitals and clinics in the UAE.
  • The Medical Office – Oversees the Sheikh Khalifa Hospitals and the healthcare facilities established under the initiatives of H.H. The President of the United Arab Emirates
  • Daman – The National Health Insurance Company, the UAE’s leading health insurer.
  • Rafed – The United Arab Emirate’s largest healthcare Group Purchasing Organisation.
  • Pure Lab – Management & Operations of the largest network of laboratories in the region.
  • Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Centre, a specialist healthcare centre focused on cell therapy and regenerative medicine.
  • Tamouh Healthcare – A network of hospitals and clinics at the forefront of the battle against COVID-19, supporting testing and vaccine development.
  • Yas Clinic – A leading research-driven healthcare network offering primary holistic care and specialized services like oncology, treatment, bone marrow transplantation, and regenerative stem cell therapy.
  • One Health – A sales, service support, and engineering network that provides end-to-end medical solutions to a base of over 300 healthcare service providers.
  • The Life Corner – Abu Dhabi’s first holistic pharmacy, serving the health and wellness establishment