PurpleCube to Offer Free Webinar Demo on its Revolutionary, Fully-Integrated Analytics as a Service Data Platform


The webinar, titled ‘Data Discovery to Actionable Analytics’, will be offered exclusively to SMBs with a limited-seat capacity

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: PurpleCube, the region’s latest inventive all-in-one platform, which combines cloud data warehousing, data cleansing and transformation driven by artificial intelligence, and machine learning analytics under one roof, is scheduled to host an introductory webinar on its new market offerings, set for January 27th, 2021. The virtual webinar will demonstrate the various solutions offered by PurpleCube’s innovative data analytics platform for potential SMBs across different industries. The hour-long webinar titled “Data Discovery To Actionable Analytics With PurpleCube: An End-To-End As A Solution For SMBs”, is currently open for registration to business members across the UAE & GCC, with a limited-seat capacity and a first-come-first-serve basis.

The virtual webinar will showcase to SMBs how PurpleCube’s revolutionary end-to-end data analytics platform will save them the cost and complexity of managing and analyzing large unfiltered data through a comprehensive analytics system that is driven by AI and ML algorithms. PurpleCube is guided by a range of pre-modeled dashboards, set according to different industries from retail, banking, telecom, healthcare, automotive and aviation all the way to logistics, supply chain, energy and utility; empowering business managers to efficiently examine data to make actionable business decisions. The free webinar will further demonstrate to business intelligence managers, engineers and IT professionals how PurpleCube will enable them to reduce costs, maximize sales and cross-sell or up-sell their products and/or services. In addition, the smart integrated analytics as a service data platform will empower businesses to be able to enhance their customer acquisition, retention and loyalty prospects in the long-run.

Webinar Overview:

  • Title: “Data Discovery To Actionable Analytics With PurpleCube: An End-To-End As A Solution For SMBs”
  • Date: 27th January, 2021
  • Time: 3-4pm (Gulf Standard Time)
  • Registration: Interested individuals/businesses can register via www.https://purplecube.ai/questionnaire (Limited seats available!)