QNAP, vendor of Logicom, showcases its range of advanced technology solutions at GITEX Global 2023


Quality Network Appliance Provider (QNAP), a vendor for Logicom and a software development, hardware design, and in-house manufacturing solutions provider, showcases its range of cutting-edge technological solutions at GITEX Global 2023. Held in Dubai from October 16 to 20, 2023, the 43rd edition of GITEX, features a range of innovative solutions, including QNAP’s set of cyber-security, cross-cloud storage services, high-speed network, and enterprise-class storage solutions.

QNAP, in line with its vision to create smart and secure working environments, offers a suite of data analytics solutions and tools, encompassing video surveillance, image recognition, and face recognition applications that empower businesses to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions. At the exhibition, QNAP showcases a comprehensive range of cutting-edge solutions, including the world’s top-supported E1.S SSD NAS models like TBS-574TX and TS-h1290FX.

With high performance and easy scalability, TS-h1290FX, a desktop 12-bay powerhouse, is perfect for streamlining backup, collaboration, and video editing/storage workflows. TBS-574TX, on the other hand, optimizes project switching for video editors and content creators while maintaining a compact, lightweight design and drive bay adaptability for added convenience and flexibility.

Alex Tsai, Sales Manager at QNAP Systems (The Middle East/Africa/India), commented: “We are pleased to take part in GITEX 2023 as it demonstrates our passion for cutting-edge initiatives and services that would meet the requirements of modern consumers. Our mother company, IEI, has always placed a high priority on delivering quality services and safeguarding the environment. As a result, we are delighted to highlight our compliance with IEI’s standards for cutting carbon emissions and advancing green technologies this year.”

“During the exhibition, we have the opportunity to shed light on our newest hardware products and solutions for the year, including enterprise-class storage solutions, cross-cloud storage services, high-speed network products, and cyber-security. With sustainability as a guiding principle, we are proud to announce that all of our products adhere to the European Union environmental laws and regulations,” Tsai added.

As part of its participation, QNAP also highlights its member identification systems, smart digital signage for applications such as automatic door access management, attendance management, and smart retail services, as well as a new contactless monitoring and clocking service for hospitals, among other solutions. The company’s participation in GITEX 2023 puts it on track for sustained growth, further solidifying its position as a trusted solutions provider in the segment.