Queen Elizabeth II commemorated at the heart of the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Centre (JACC)

Queen Elizabeth II commemorated at the heart of the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Centre (JACC)

KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait: An exceptional cinematic event at the Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed Cultural Centre (JACC) , which hosted the documentary (Elizabeth a Portrait in Parts) on its screen, amid a high turnout of documentary enthusiasts, seats were reserved within hours.

The documentary, which features the critical historic moments of the late Queen’s life over a period of 89 minutes, presented scenes, footage and details appearing for the first time on the big screen, narrating the stages and points of the outstanding Queen’s reign, over 70 years of variables, conflicts and achievements from the timid princess scene to the historical scene of Queen Elizabeth II, It also includes a number of exclusive interviews with close figures shown for the first time, providing unprecedented details, the film was directed by the late Roger Michel, who excelled in his execution with a distinctive vision, and it’s  his last work before his passing at the end of 2021.

Sarah, one of the event attendees,fell in love with the details of the film.She was very moved , saying, “It feels like we’re looking at a flashback painted accurately where I met Queen Elizabeth, the mother, grandmother and leader, and saw her in her different stages. I am deeply touched by her personality and saddened by her death”.

Ahmed pointed out the great harmony and compatibility between the soundtrack and the visual scenes, and highlighted “the film’s music, by the brilliant George Fenton, has added an unparalleled aesthetic and completed a vital part of the work”. The work he sees as a brief glimpse into Queen Elizabeth’s journey and a comprehensive look at her private and public life.

Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Centre JACC is an architectural and cultural landmark in the heart of Kuwait that opened in 2016 and aims to highlight and showcase local and international arts and creations and is a national center for culture in the country .It consists of 4 buildings with attractive jewel-inspired design and contains theaters, conference halls, concert halls,exhibition halls and restaurants surrounded by parks and green spaces.