Dubai, UAE: Azure Beach Dubai, a hospitality brand managed by Sunset Hospitality Group, has recently implemented an innovative approach to reduce its environmental footprint. To combat the issue of single-use glass waste, Azure Beach has purchased a glass crusher that pulverizes glass bottles into “sand,” eliminating the need to send glass through a lengthy recycling process or to a landfill.

By using the fine and medium sand particles, Azure Beach will be able to reduce its need to import new sand for its private beach. The larger particulates from the glass crusher are used to create coasters and flowerpots, etc. One average-sized glass bottle can produce five reusable coasters.

In addition to reducing waste, Azure Beach’s initiative also eliminates the carbon footprint associated with importing these small goods, as well as from transporting glass offsite.

“We will consume more than 50 tonnes of single-use glass this year,” said Eric Ballard, the General Manager of Azure Beach. “We’re excited that Azure Beach is in the fortunate position to be able to execute this initiative, and I hope this inspires others to see certain ‘waste’ as raw material. Glass is so often overlooked.”

This initiative aligns with the UAE’s objective to send zero waste to landfills by 2030, as reported by The National News. Ballard added that this is one of several initiatives as part of a larger focus on reducing Sunset Hospitality Group’s environmental impact.

“We acknowledge that this is not a perfect solution, but we hope that sharing our initiative will encourage others to take similar steps in their own businesses,” he adds.

Azure Beach’s glass upcycling initiative started in February, and the company is excited to share its progress with the public.


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