RAKxa Launches Personalised Wellness Programme For A Bespoke Journey To A Healthy New Year


Bangkok: RAKxa Wellness believes that guests are unique in their own way, and a bespoke wellness programme is paramount for individuals to achieve an optimal wellness result.

Introducing the concept of holistic and scientific wellness, RAKxa Wellness values guests’ uniqueness with the launch of the Personalised Wellness Programme in partnership with the world-class VitalLife Scientific Wellness Clinic managed by the internationally renowned Bumrungrad International Hospital. Guests are guided through their wellness journey and personal health analysis to usher in a new year of health and wellbeing and realise the best of themselves.

The Personalised Wellness Programme comprises a minimum of a three-night stay in a luxurious garden villa amidst the nature of Bangkok’s ‘Green Lung’ on Bang Krachao Island. Guests will enjoy the very best of its natural setting and experience Thailand’s warm hospitality.

The concept of “truly personalised” is the essence of RAKxa Wellness

RAKxa, the first fully integrative wellness and medical retreat in Thailand introduces a new “personalised wellness programme” to offer a one-of-a-kind, individual wellness experience. In-depth and expert diagnostics from certified doctors who integrate modern and alternative medicine with health & wellness specialists collaboratively work with guests to design their unique wellness journey of authentic healing and advanced medical treatments to support optimal health goals and preferences.

The three-step assessment

Guests begin their journey with a three-step assessment, starting with a health and wellness consultation session, followed by an in-depth doctor consultation at the VitalLife Scientific Wellness Centre. The final stage is a functional fitness assessment at RAKxa GAYA, the medical gym housing Olympic and world-class equipment.

The customised wellness treatment sessions

The results of the three-step assessment create the Personalised Wellness Programme and the commencement of the treatment sessions. Guests can tailor their wellness itinerary with one medical treatment at VitalLife and three holistic treatments at RAKxa JAI and RAKxa GAYA.

VitalLife offers exceptional treatments combining scientific technology and knowledge, from Cryo-Sauna, Physio Treatment Sessions, Hyperbaric Chamber, and Colon Hydrotherapy to Beauty Refresh IV.

Guests will further benefit from the holistic treatments that encourage rest at RAKxa JAI, a home of alternative eastern medicine and wisdom. All treatments are uniquely designed for the specific needs of individual guests to deliver a remedy that suits the personal profile of the guests. RAKxa GAYA features state-of-the-art equipment where movement specialists, physiotherapists, and wellness trainers can assist guests to efficiently maximise their physical development based on the assessment result. Highlights of holistic treatments at RAKxa JAI include Traditional Thai massages, Crystal Healing, Pranayama, Acupuncture & Moxibustion, and Mindfulness Meditation while Total body Power Training, HIIT Re-energize Training, and Performance Regenerating Exercise are exemplary treatments available at RAKxa GAYA.

Food and nutrients are vital to a perfect journey for the Personalised Wellness Programme. Guests will enjoy wellness cuisine over three days, which is served with a daily personalised tea blended with an individual formula to fit the guest’s health condition. RAKxa Wellness invites guests to discover the finest flavours of wellness cuisine, where nutrition, nature, seasonality and sustainability are woven into the menus to help clear toxins, reduce inflammation and restore a healthy balance.

The Personalised Wellness Programme starts at $3,000 USD for a single room and $2,500 USD for a double stay for three nights’ accommodation in Garden Villa. Unlimited access to the hydrotherapy area, swimming pool, fitness facilities, and group class activities are available to all guests of the Personalised Wellness Programme. Prices are valid until 31 October 2023.