Ramadan experiences with Samsung: Three must-have home appliances for the family


Ramadan has arrived once again and Samsung shares the same excitement as millions across the region. As families come together to observe, appreciate, and celebrate during the Holy Month, there are several aspects that make this period as special and enjoyable as it should be. Besides the Ramadan activities that people will explore and participate in outside of their homes, there are also many important chores within the household, all of which are part of preparations for what will follow in due course. 

Whether it be clothing care and cooking, consumers deserve to have the very best essential appliances at their disposal to make life easier and enhance their experiences this Ramadan. Fortunately, Samsung’s status as a leading innovator means everyone can benefit from innovations that deliver both. The brand’s home appliances range boasts next-generation products perfect for certain household chores fundamental during Ramadan. Here, we list our innovations that are even more meaningful this time of year thanks to their cutting-edge features and intuitive capabilities: 

Look your very best this Ramadan with the AirDresser 

No matter the age group, consumers want to look their best and be presentable like never before during Ramadan as they enjoy the outdoor weather and celebrate with friends and family. Appearance is important to many, which is why Samsung’s AirDresser is the number one option for cleaning and preserving your favorite clothing and outfits. As the appliance that is a breath of fresh air in clothing care, you can effortlessly refresh your style and revitalize your clothes without washing.

After being at a barbeque or preparing Suhoor or Iftar meals in the kitchen, clothes worn during such occasions will always require a clean to restore their former freshness. This is where the AirDresser will help, sanitizing clothes without the need to spend time doing traditional washing. The appliance removes 99.9 percent of bacteria and odor-causing cases thanks to its features. The JetSteam function plays a key role in the sanitization process and the deodorizing filter captures and removes gases on clothes and prevents them building up. Together, this winning combination comprehensively sanitizes every item – meaning clothes stay refreshed at all times.

Furthermore, you can take clothes out of the cabinet in pristine condition before important events and group occasions. Hygiene and cleanliness are maintained inside the AirDresser, which simultaneously dehumidifies, sanitizes, and deodorizes the space, ensuring clothes – such as Abayas and Kandooras – emerge looking brand-new to add the finishing touches to an elegant appearance. 

Let technology take over the family washing duties 

Staying on the topic of clothing care, Samsung has several innovations perfect for this chore during Ramadan. Across the region, there are countless families with large households where washing needs to be done regularly for adults and children. Traditionally a lengthy process with limited flexibility, you can be more empowered than ever before thanks to our WD10T554DBN Combo model. Comprising AI Control, Add Wash, and Air Wash features, washing for the family has never been easier. 

The WD10T554DBN washing machine has redefined intelligent washing, with AI control cleansing clothes easily, effectively, and powerfully. The features bring personalization to the forefront of this chore, remembering your habits, suggesting cycles, and displaying timely information to make life easier and hassle-free this Ramadan. At the same time, the SmartThings app provides advice on cycles, planning, and troubleshooting, automatically selecting the perfect drying course. 

Should you wish to wash clothes but are pressed for time ahead of your evening plans or have forgotten to add them to the laundry list, you can relax knowing Add Wash will take care of all your needs. The Add Wash door lets you add essential items that have been missed after a cycle has begun, and you can also add items washed by hand that require a quick rinse, spin, or dry. Much like the AirDresser, the machine also provides peace of mind. Air Wash technology deodorizes and sanitizes your clothes, removing unpleasant odors and bacteria to ensure clothes smell fresh. 

Equip your kitchen with an invaluable addition 

One of the most important and cherished aspects of Ramadan is Suhoor and Iftar meals, yet a lot of preparation is also involved. For cooking perfection and maximum enjoyment, food and ingredients are required to be stored at optimal temperatures, while the nature of Ramadan and the requirement for extra storage space call for a next-generation refrigerator. Hence, there is no need to look any further than the RS64R5331B4 Side by Side with Space Max model. 

Providing more fresh space inside, our RS64R5331B4 Side by Side refrigerator promises to be a Ramadan revelation for every kitchen. With its 617 liter interior, you can stock up on Holy Month essentials thanks to SpaceMax technology, which ensures the refrigerator walls are much thinner due to minimal high-efficiency insulation. 

Furthermore, what makes this appliance the complete package for all your kitchen needs is the All-around Cooling feature, which takes care of food preservation requirements. Whatever the item or ingredient, all your essentials are guaranteed to be correctly cooled because the system continuously checks the temperate and distributes the adequate amount of cold air, cooling every part of the fridge so food stays fresher for longer.

Samsung has always been proud to introduce brand enthusiasts with exciting offers, and this Ramadan there is another valuable promotion you can avail. When purchasing selected refrigerators and washing machines during the Holy Month, you can receive a Samsung microwave free of charge. For more information, visit: shop.samsung.com