Ramadan Survey in MENA Region


UAE: As we approach the Ramadan month of 2021, it has become very difficult to share this spiritual enthusiasm with our loved ones due to the COVID-19 epidemic that has affected the whole world. 

During the Ramadan period, expectations of usage of digital platforms started to increase in order to receive the most beautiful gifts and to make the most delicious meals accordingly.

While all mobile users want to share the joy of Ramadan with their family and experience this spiritual pleasure, few questions arise in the minds of advertisers and brands: What will be the preferences of consumers in terms of shopping in Ramadan this year? Which devices or digital platforms will be preferred?

Before this Ramadan month, which is expected to be in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, AdColony researched to analyze the mobile device usage of users in the MENA region and their shopping preferences on digital platforms.

In the Ramadan Survey which is conducted specifically in the MENA region, the ages of the participants varied between 16 and 75, while the average age range was between 16 and 34. The data obtained in this survey, where 84% of the participants stated that they will celebrate the Month of Ramadan, which also reveals the level reached in the age of mobilization in the MENA region.

While the time spent on smartphones is increasing day by day, 45% of the participants state that they will spend more time on their smartphones during Ramadan compared to other times and 67% will use their smartphones most during the day.

No one can deny that smartphones are a source of revenue for brands, but how willing are consumers to be part of this source? It turns out most of them are. 75% of the participants state that they will use their smartphones while shopping for Ramadan, while 67% of them say that they will shop within the application while shopping for Ramadan.

It is no secret that mobile games are indispensable for the month of Ramadan. With the increase in the time we spend at home because of the pandemic, our biggest savior for fun will be mobile games that maintain its popularity during Ramadan too. 43% of mobile users surveyed state that they play more mobile games during Ramadan than ever before.

Due to the pandemic, the use of online delivery options continues to increase during Ramadan. While 31% of the participants state that they will choose home delivery options for their Ramadan purchases, 54% of the respondents state that they will shop for clothes, 45% shop grocery products followed by confectionery products with 36%.

67% of the participants stated that their cosmetic expenses are increasing during Ramadan, while the cosmetics they bought the most were perfumes with 62%, hair care products with 43%, and followed by make-up and cosmetics products with 31%.

While the joy of cooking at home comes to the fore as usual during the month of Ramadan, 63% of the participants state that they will cook at home.

While quality and pricing are highlighted as the most important priorities in shopping plans, more than half of the respondents state that product quality with 63% and product pricing with 57% are the most important factors while shopping for the month of Ramadan.

The undeniable access of mobile advertising continues to stand out as the most important factor in consumers’ buying tendency. 58% of the respondents stated that they had previously made Ramadan shopping with their smartphones directly via mobile ads, and 66% stated that they would consider purchasing a product or service if the product served with the advertisement appeals to them.

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