It’s time to spill the beans! Coffee fanatics here in the UAE can look forward to a rare and experimental specialty coffee to try out this summer. Dubai’s Specialty coffee roasters, RAW Coffee Company, are bringing something special to the region with a brand new, special “cultured” Gesha varietal called Colombia Risaralda.

Originating from Risaralda in the Andes Mountain range, where it derives its name, the land is rich in volcanic soils and natural water springs on which a diverse variety of coffee micro lots are grown accompanied by green banana, corn, and bean crops.

This unique and experimental micro lot coffee is available only for a limited time. It is developed by a process known as ‘Culturing’ where the lactobacillus from local fresh pineapple and fresh tropical coconut is used to anaerobically ferment the coffee beans.

This fantastic coffee is bursting with complexity, with flavors of ripe pineapple, toasted coconut, aromatic vanilla, vibrant passionfruit, and a lovely long caramel finish in every sip!

To get your summer caffeine hit, Colombia Risaralda can be ordered online via, while also being available in-store at RAW’s quirky, industrial-style café, located in Al Quoz, Dubai, UAE.

About RAW:

RAW started off as bootleggers, bringing coffee beans to Dubai in suitcases from their favourite roasteries around the world.

Established in July 2007, Founder, Owner & Managing Director, Kim Thompson, and Owner and CEO, Matt Toogood decided it was time to fill the gap for freshly roasted specialty coffee. The coffee beans used at RAW are all organically certified, roasted in small batches, and available to sample from their warehouse roastery, either as single origins or blends.

Post launch, the RAW team quickly expanded to providing support and training to baristas and finding equipment manufacturers. Today, RAW Coffee Company is recognized internationally in the specialty coffee community as the market leader of the UAE specialty coffee segment. Additionally, RAW prides itself in sourcing coffee beans ethically, whilst ensuring the supplying farmers are treated fairly and can make a sustainable living.

RAW offers a complete value proposition for all thing’s coffee related:

  1. Supply of fresh quality roasted beans
  2. Barista training
  3. Imported Italian espresso equipment, including servicing and maintenance
  4. Consultation on design, menu concepts and optimized workflow for their hospitality partners

The definition of RAW is in its natural condition, fresh, powerful, impressive, and perfect. RAW Coffee Company is a chemical reaction to the stale mundane. An antidote to normality. RAW Coffee Company is not so much a company; it’s more of a quest.

RAW Pillars:

Local – Locally Roasted

Direct – Directly from the Farms

Ethical – Ethically Traded

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