Regional investors turn cautious and profit taking seems to be dominating trading activity


Egypt recorded gains of 9.7%, followed by Qatar (+2.0%) and Bahrain (+0.9%) – Al Masah Capital reports

The momentum has shifted within the regional markets as regional investors have turned cautious and profit taking seems to be dominating trading activity. A similar trend has been observed within the emerging markets as global funds are being diverted to US markets on the back of expected tightening  in the year 2017.

However, Egypt has been on a different trajectory while comparing within the region as the index continues to record meaningful gains to make new highs.  Egypt recorded gains of 9.7%, followed by Qatar (+2.0%) and Bahrain (+0.9%), while Dubai and Abu Dhabi were down by 1.0% and 0.6% respectively and Saudi Arabia remained unchanged during the week.

The last week of the year offers yet another opportunity to investors to buy into some of the quality stocks that have been impacted by the ongoing profit booking, however, the process has been more of a gradual accumulation due to the uncertainty surrounding the equity markets. Further, the firmness in oil prices might also act as a catalyst for investors as we move into 2017.

Indexes Last WTD (%) MTD (%) YTD (%)
Dubai (DFMGI) 3,517.33 -1.04% 4.65% 11.63%
Abu Dhabi (ADSMI) 4,436.82 -0.59% 2.97% 3.01%
Saudi (SASEIDX) 7,087.76 -0.04% 1.25% 2.55%
Kuwait (KWSE) 5,676.22 0.14% 2.19% 1.09%
Egypt (EGX30) 12,420.30 9.66% 8.44% 77.28%
Qatar (DSM) 10,427.91 1.99% 6.47% -0.01%
Bahrain (BHSEIDX) 1,198.82 0.85% 2.10% -1.40%
Oman (MSM30) 5,736.51 0.14% 4.53% 6.11%
TR GCC (Reuters) 200.32 0.28% 4.64% 3.02%
DJ MENA 512.98 0.27% 2.78% 3.02%

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