Remarkable Collection of Syrian Art Transcends Horrors of War, Lets Cultural Contributions of Syria Shine – Arte Arta Gallery

Syrian Sarcophaguses by Nizar Sabour - Remarkable Collection of Syrian Art Transcends Horrors of War, Lets Cultural Contributions of Syria Shine -- Arte Arta Gallery

Montreal: After ten years of war that have scourged a historic civilization, the Montreal-based online visual art gallery Arte Arta is proud to announce that it is representing the important Syrian Sarcophaguses collection by renowned Syrian artist Dr. Nizar Sabour. The collection is an important reminder that Syria has cultural riches to offer and much that is positive to remember.

The Syrian Sarcophaguses comprises 55 original works that depict images of prominent Syrian cultural icons presented in a style and shape inspired by ancient Phoenician anthropoid sarcophaguses. It is a generous attempt to bring the past into the present, to use the rites of death to celebrate the work of life.

Arte Arta is the exclusive representative for this captivating art collection, making it available to interested members of the public or to museums and art galleries. Dr. Sabour wishes to make his art available to as broad an audience as possible, ensuring that the collection is ultimately acquired by a collector or organization that will appreciate its full value and importance.

“The river of death is parallel to the river of life, and one is not greater than the other. Life’s value comes from what one does while we are alive, our contributions and generosity of spirit. This is what I always focus on.” said Dr. Sabour when asked about the meaning of his collection.

Arte Arta chooses to spotlight the positive and to emphasize the life-giving force of art. The online visual art gallery, based in Montreal, is motivated by the desire to make art accessible to collectors around the world. When it comes to Syria, it is time to focus not just on destruction and ruination, but on the beauty and inspiration of the human spirit.

About the Gallery:

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